Saturday, May 7, 2016


I know it’s been a while since my last update, but aside from the reviews and marketing/promotional ideas I’ve been posting the drought of non-receipt of the books I’ve won continues. I now have about 9 items I haven’t receipt yet. Two of the items I did receive I couldn’t post any reviews for; one had been due to the fact it had consisting of merely an introduction of the characters in a series of illustrated children’s books which were to follow, the second had been a story of woman’s making a success out of her life but culminated with a request to participate/buy into a program she’d developed from her experience.

As I had written in a blog post back around October 2014 when I made the decision to become a Book Reviewer as my 2nd second career since I retired back in February 2010:

“I  DON’T ACCEPT requests to review books. I only review those books I’ve won through the various internet giveaways I enter, or those I’ve personally bought."
The majority of the books I’ve gotten from the Amazon KINDLE Store have been free downloads. Unfortunately some of the authors of the free downloads I’ve gotten don’t have any presence on the internet, Twitter, FaceBook, GoodReads, etc., so anyone reviewing/reviewing their books have no way of contacting them.

If anyone is interested in checking out ALL of the reviews I’ve written you’re invited to visit my Amazon Profile at:

My dear OH I’m happy to say is continuing to improve, so much so we’re going to an afternoon matinee performance at a dinner theatre in New Jersey, along with a home attendant we’re using. Other than that I’ve been slightly under the weather with a mild stomach virus. I also became discouraged when a Thunderclap I had running failed to reach its goal of 100 supporters after three weeks. I’m determined to have my next be successful.

Anyway, right now, due to a sudden influx, I’ve got three books I’m now reading/reviewing. Be prepared as I’ll be posting all three reviews at the same time.

To all my followers who happen to be mothers, I hope your day will be a very happy one.

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