Saturday, August 26, 2023


Back on November 7, 2022, as you can tell, I had posted my previous entry here, which I had titled, MY LIFE AS A SECULAR MULT-GENRE WOMAN AUTHOR HAS APPARENTLY ENDED

To update my status to each of my followers here, towards the end of November, about three weeks I got hospitalized for two weeks where I tested positive for COVID-19. My hospitalization caused me to be in a nearby REHAB until the end of February 2023, spending a total of almost 90 days away from home and my dear OH who still needed a home attendant 7 days a week and 8 hours each day. I don’t have to tell you the amount of stress this caused me, making sure everything that needed to be done, was done, especially all of the financial matters of paying the bills, including paying off my credit card each month.

Getting home at last, I was busy for a week catching up with all of the financial matters. Not having any access to the internet, left my religious personae without any means to write my Christian blog, and the inability to do any of my Christian endeavors in the name of the Lord. The total lack of sales of my three Christian books, the lack of individuals wanting to interact with me, all caused me to return to the secular woman I once was, without any religious sense of being who I had been as a faith-driven Christian woman.

I attempted going back to my adult Contemporary romance novel, and my YA romance, but I couldn’t think of anything I could write for either endeavor.

There were other things that had been happening in my life that impacted who I was. It wasn’t until towards the end of June of this year that a spark finally rekindled my being a faith-driven Christian woman again, and I slowly returned to the endeavors I was going in the name of the Lord.

Attempting a few more times to finish writing my two secular manuscripts for the books I am writing, as caused me to stop writing them. My secular self I am here, is causing me to leave the secular Facebook groups I belong, announcing the end of my selling my secular books [which no one is buying], and closing my secular Facebook account, since I continuously involved with my Christian Facebook account.

Here is the link to my secular books written as Robin Leigh Morgan

Here is the link to my secular books written as Kathryn Heart

Being the 72-year-old faith-driven Christian woman I’ve become I would to be everyone here to follow me on my

Christian Facebook account

My Christian Twitter account:

Most recently, being the Christian I am today, I’ve started an online ministry that I would appreciate you consideration in joining. 

R L Morgan Ministry 

Have a BLESSED SUNDAY with your families praying together at your favorite church !!!  😊 😊 😊

Monday, November 7, 2022



After my better half got admitted to the hospital a year ago and then transferred to a nearby REHAB facility for almost three months since my dear's return home, my life has never been the same. Due to dear's current physical and mental condition, I've got a home attendant helping me with the daily routines. The only thing that has kept me going is my trying to be a good Christian woman [which is also the title for my Christian blog].

During the past year, while I’ve made several attempts to return to the writing of my two secular romances, one of which is an Adult Contemporary and the other being a YA romance, that is also a stand-alone sequel to my first YA romance, I never could think of what to write next. It is like I had lost all interest or desire in finishing these two endeavors. The cause of this is that a major transformation had occurred in my life, a transformation that I wrote about on my Christian blog.

Except for reviewing non-Christian books, I doubt if I’m going to be doing any real postings here. I truly appreciate having you as followers here. I know I can’t force anyone to become followers on my Christian blog after reading the above post I’ve mentioned here, but, if you’re a Christian, I would appreciate your kind support by considering to become a follower there.

Have a BLESSED WEEK to everyone hearing this from my better half and me !!!  😊 😊 😊   

Thursday, May 19, 2022


 I know I’ve not posted anything here for a long, long while, for I’ve had far too many things regarding my better half and just didn’t feel like writing anything since nothing had been happening with my writing endeavors.

In all honesty, when I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, I never imagined the transformative effect it would have on my life. Before this, I had been a secular individual who went to church on the major Christian holidays. My two Christian books got written due to my changing the concentration of the genre of books I was reviewing to that of nonfiction Christian books, which inspired me to write them. This, in turn, inspired me to become a Christian blogger, and my now possessing a passion for sharing the words of the Lord with others.

Ever since my better half had fallen three times in our co-op apartment, got taken to the hospital, and spent three months in a nearby REHAB center, I was left alone without a desire to endeavor to write anything for the items I was working on, including my posting anything here on my secular blog.

When my dear came home, I thought things would change for the better. Still, it hasn't, as I now required the assistance of a home attendant eight hours a day to aid my looking after the individual I married, keeping our marriage vows, especially the one that states, in sickness and in health. The only thing that has kept me going has been the Lord's presence in my life as I continue to share His words daily.

Despite not having individuals buy any of my books, regardless of the genre, despite my not gaining followers for my Christian blog. It has been the Christian faith I now possess that has made me the Christian woman I've now become.

If you're a Christian man or woman, I would appreciate you checking out my Christian books

[], and to consider becoming a follower of my Christian blog, supporting my efforts in sharing the words of the Lord.


I would love to return to all of my writing endeavors, so I can complete the writing and publish them, but my heart isn't there at this time, and it has been my Christian faith that has kept me going and has kept my mind and heart writing about the words of the Lord each day, and reviewing books of a nonfiction Christian nature.

Have a BLESSED DAY with your families from my better half and me !!! 😊😊😊

Check out my last post.

Saturday, February 5, 2022



Ever since my better half fell three times in our co-op apartment and got taken to the hospital on November 9, 2021, and then transferred to a nearby REHAB facility, my life has been in turmoil.


My secular writing endeavors halted abruptly, and I drastically reduced my presence on the internet, including maintaining this blog. Luckily, ever since I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, and got inspired to start writing a Christian blog, I began to discover my Christian wait and the relationship I have with the Lord. This relationship has kept me going throughout the ordeal I've been dealing with not having my better half with me since November. I missed celebrating my dear's birthday, followed by not celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary a few days later. We missed celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, as well as my 71st birthday last month. It has been lonely not having someone sleeping by my side each night. Finally, this Thursday, February 10, 2022, my dear's coming home. I've arranged to have a home attendant come to our home each day for a few hours to keep an eye on my better half, and to assist, if necessary, in the daily functional activities of getting dressed, washing, etc.

I can return to my previous secular activities full force with this finally happening. My Christian personae can return to making her presence known and promoting her books and blog. Since my Christian presence has kept me going, I would appreciate it if everyone would kindly support my Christian endeavors by following me on my blog and my Christian Twitter and Facebook accounts; and considering getting copies of my Christian books.





This is not to say that I'm going to neglect my secular writing endeavors, especially since I've got two manuscripts that are both over 80%-85% completed that I want to complete and publish by the end of April.


Thanks for your kind support and understanding of my being M.I.A. for such a long time.

Sunday, December 12, 2021


 Little did I realize when I wrote and published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, after being inspired by all of the nonfiction Christian books I had reviewed since August 2018, that my Christian faith would take over my life, but it has.

A month after releasing my two Christian books, I started to write my Christian blog, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” and I haven’t stopped sharing the words of our Lord and Savior. Now, I find doing this has made me feel more fulfilled than I’ve ever felt before. This year, in October, I wanted to offer these two Christian fiction books as paperbacks; so, I started to review and re-edit the manuscripts and create new covers for both, which I did. Here is the link to all of my Christian endeavors on Amazon:

 However, at the same time, I felt an urge and opportunity to communicate my passion for sharing the Lord’s words with others by compiling my third Christian, this time a nonfiction one, that I’ve titled “Let’s Discuss Scripture.”

Despite my time being fraughted with my Christian endeavors, all of my secular writing endeavors took a second stage; in other words, they got placed on the back burners. On Friday, I got a frantic call from my publisher, telling me there were issues with the KINDLE version of my debut secular YA Paranormal romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” Hearing this, I decided to place my Christian endeavors on the back burner for a change. I’m happy to say that the corrections for this secular undertaking have been accomplished and that the KINDLE version is available again. Here is the link for the KINDLE version on Amazon:

Being a multi-genre author, I’ve still got two unfinished manuscripts that I’m still aiming to have at least one finished still in time for the holidays. My adult Contemporary Romance novel, “His Darkest Secret,” is now 90 completed, and my YA Urban Fantasy romance, “The Secret of the Well,” is about 85% completed, with the good news being, I’ve created covers for both books.

Finally, the black sheep of my writing personas has rewritten her debut erotic LGBTQ novel with a new cover; and has also published her third endeavor, this one, a collection of three erotic romance novelettes.

Sorry for not having posted in a long, long while. Starting next year, I will create a set schedule where each of my writing personas will have time to do what they need to do for their specific genres.

Meanwhile, I would love for everyone to check out all of my endeavors mentioned above and consider giving them as gifts for your friends and family. THANKS for everyone’s kind support, and have a BLESSED WEEKEND with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊

Friday, September 10, 2021


 My dear blog followers, I truly love that you are following me here on my blog. While I am doing great, the concentration of my writing has shifted ever since I’ve published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, as I am now a Christian blogger who share the words of the Lord daily.

Since no one is purchasing any of my books, regardless of the genre I have slowed down the progress on the completion of all of my writing endeavors, and am still looking to have my two secular romances completed by the end of November 2020.

Getting back to my Christian blog writing, I am now ranked #73 on this Christian women blog site: 

I would love to move up on my ranking, and I am therefore asking each of you to support this endeavor by becoming followers of my Christian blog: 

and to follow me on my Christian Twitter account [will follow you back]

THANKS for supporting me in this endeavor and have a BLESSED WEEKEND with your families from my family and me !!! 😊 😊 😊 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021



Ever since I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, my life has gotten transformed:

These two books inspired me to begin writing my Christian blog, which I wound up aptly decided to name "Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman."  It is here that I found myself sharing the Lord's words in ways I never got to believe had been possible before.

On my Christian blog, I am now, on an almost daily basis I do a daily scripture reflection. I am now back to doing what I hope will be a weekly occurrence, where I discuss a specific topic, going into more detail than my daily reflection using scripture in what I am attempting to communicate.

It is due to this that I'm now in the process of writing/compiling my third Christian book, which is now about 80% completed. This time, instead of fiction, the book will be nonfiction and fraught with scripture. I now hope to have the book published by the end of October. 

I had gotten locked out of my original Christian Facebook account a while back, so I created a new one. It is here that I had a Facebook group for my Sisters-in-Christ, which got lost at the same time. Ever since this loss, I felt I have been missing some

I have just created a new Christian Facebook group for all of my Sisters-in-Christ who are Christian Authors or Christian Bloggers.

Naturally, to go along with the above, I now also have a Christian Twitter account  

I would love those followers I have here who are of the Christian faith to support me by following me on one of the above links or considering purchasing one of my two Christian books.

I AM NOW BACK to being involved with my secular endeavors, including finishing my two secular romances. "His Darkest Secret," an Adult Contemporary romance, which, as far as I can recall, is about 85% - 90% complete. The second is my YA Urban Fantasy romance, "The Secret of the Well, " a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA Paranormal romance, "I Kissed a Ghost," which is about 80% finished.

Starting this coming Sunday, I will start on a complete re-read and re-editing of "His Darkest Secret," which given my going Christian endeavors, I hope to type that elusive final period of this manuscript by mid-October.