Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I received a print copy of this book from the author through an internet giveaway she had been involved with and the following is my honest opinion.
Image if you will you’re a seemingly hot sensuous blond-haired woman, by the name of Clair Daniels, who when she desires something would do anything she needs to do to get it: and one day you receive the following email:

Subject: Contractual Offer

You will find $100 000 in your charity's account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight.

Of course, you’d bend over backwards to get it. But one of the problems is that the guy who sent it to you is, Aleksy Dmitriev, a disreputable billionaire, whose only real interest in you is to seek revenge on the man who had destroyed his family years ago; and it doesn’t matter that your former boss is now dead. In his depraved mind obtaining the acquisition of the woman, who had been his business rival’s mistress, would still mean having acquired one of that man’s treasured possessions.

However there’s a fly in the ointment in Aleksy’s plan; to begin with, you’ve never been your boss’s lover but more importantly, you’re a virgin. Upon learning this he allows you to become his non-mistress lover, giving you all the perks which go along with it: apartment, credit cards, choice of wonderful jobs another woman would die to have. You decide to play along until you can get what he had promised you.

But as time goes along you’re unintentionally growing on him, there’s one misunderstanding after another, until the day you decide to finally leave him; after all, you’ve gotten the money he’s promised you at the start of your relationship with him. Yet, at the same time he has grown on you and not wanting to have another major rejection in your life, after not getting adopted at the orphanage you grew up in, you return there to give them the money you’ve received and to help out anyway necessary.

But what happens when he discovers where you’ve disappeared to, that you’re not a gold-digger as he had envisioned, and there’s actually a charity you’re doing things for. Will he seek you out? Will there be a HEA for the both of you? But more important, will there be another misunderstanding along the way before this will actually happen?

For having given her readers a romance story fraught with misunderstandings, I’m giving Ms. Collins 5 STARS.




Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It’s the Christmas Holiday time again, a wonderful time to have wishes to come true, especially if they’re of a romantic nature: a time to finally have that HEA you’ve been hoping for such a long time become a reality.

This wondrous collection of romance novellas written by seven of the nation’s bestselling romance authors on USA Today and the New York Times allows you to read another story written by an author you love to read; as well as discovering new ones you might wind up wanting to read more from. And for a price of 99 cents how can you go wrong.

This collection also allows you to experience a romance genre you might have never read before, such as a Military Romance. I also love having read a variety of writing styles from an endearing lovable one to one which is sizzling hot, with characters ranging from mere acquaintances to those who are in loving relationship with each other; all of whom have a Christmas desire regarding romance which they’d love to come true. It didn’t hurt having a Scrooge or a fairytale type godmother thrown into the mix, or even a sexy military hunk becoming the whipped cream of a hot cocoa to warm your heart and soul on a wintry day.

For having given their readers a romantic Christmassy collection of novellas I’m glad to these authors 5 STARS for their efforts here.



Saturday, December 3, 2016


For those of you who have read my reviews you know I’m a relatively voracious reader/reviewer of books of various genres. And while I especially love reading romances, even those hot steamy romances where I can truly fantasize about being in the shoes of the female protagonists, I love sitting down in a recliner, nuzzling up with a sweet love story without any sex scenes in my hands, and simply reading it to my heart’s enjoyment.

In “Amish Love of a Lifetime” the author, Sadie Palmer, gives us precisely that, a love story of two endearing individuals, Rebecca Bieler and Isaac Schuster, which spans the 73 years of their lives. It starts with a puppy love kind of a close relationship when they were 3 and 4 years old; where she accepted him despite and didn’t tease him because of his having a lisp, which he appreciated.

All this had been too good for these two as Isaac’s parents moved miles away to Ohio from Lancaster, PA, because his uncle got sick, leaving him depressed. When he got old enough he made the decision to move back in the hopes of courting Rebecca, a decision which winds up distressingd his parents no end.

The thing is Rebecca had always hoped their relationship even at a young age would turn out to be something more substantial, like marriage. And was quite pleased when she saw his return; hoping he’d start the courting process, starting with the simplistic buggy rides alone with each other; a courting process which the rest of the population here had until the beginning of the 20th century, a courting process which is far more beautiful and simplistic than the haphazard, harried ones we have today.

If Isaac does what she hopes he will, her dreams of having a HEA with him will become a pleasing reality; if he doesn’t their relationship could easily turn into something else, and during this time her faith will be continuously tested.

In the end, the author’s experience living close to the Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio, gives her readers a beautiful, realistic inside glimpse of what the lives of Rebecca and Isaac had become with their marriage, having children and grandchildren, along with all the trials and tribulations the Amish lifestyle might give a typical married couple.

I’m glad and sadden that Ms. Palmer decided to take us through their lives, until the day Rebecca dies and Isaac is left sadly left alone, without the love of his lifetime by his side. An ending which we a seldom, if ever allow to see, once the couple in the HEA stories we love to read, get married and we’re left wondering what happens next in their lives.

For having given me, and her readers, a sweet love story without a single sex scene we’re usually accustomed in reading in many HEA stories I’m giving Ms. Palmer and “Amish Love of a Lifetime” 5 STARS.

I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download to the KINDLE device on my computer.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Anyone who is a voracious reader of books, or one who is also a book reviewer like me, should jump at any opportunity in which a LIMITED collection of stories written by bestselling authors of the New York Times and USA Today for only 99 cents comes along, especially when the genre is romance. While many such collections revolve around a simplistic notion such as shapeshifters and the like, this one had been planned. The one thing which actually connects each of these five stories is a Christmas wish tree located in the local sporting goods store in Starlight Bend, Montana. Not only does each story revolve around a sexy hunk one can only dream about, each of them lives in Starlight Bend, Montana. When you add in the holiday season and making a Christmas wish come true for a child how can you go wrong?

And as with every Christmas season, a certain magic abounds around us and wishes of finding someone to love can finally be fulfilled, especially if you believe it can happen. There’s a certain warm endearing quality about the guy in each of these stories, a quality which might make you fall in love with and fantasize about being in the shoes of the woman who winds up stealing his hearts. There’s a wonderful range of romantic themes in these stories from a second chance romance by Calistic Fox in “His Angel” to a sweet beauty is in the eyes of the holder story in “The Grinch of Starlight Bend” by Jennifer Probst, a story which is similar to the romance story most if not all of us have read as a child, that of “Beauty and the Beast.” But who knew then that what we had read had been, along with “Cinderella,” had been our first exposures to romance, which is why we probably love this genre today.

For a having us 5 stories which will begin to warm the cockles of our hearts in time for the holiday season, I’ve giving this LIMITED Edition collection 5 STARS.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I love having an opportunity to partake in a smorgasbord. Who doesn’t?

Smorgasbords at weddings are simply divine to eat. You’re able to savor delicacies you seldom have a chance to eat; or delicacies you’ve never tried before, and now will love eating more of any chance you get. But along with them comes the, heaven forbid, dreaded weight gain.

Those of us who are aficionadas of the romance genres love to devour anything and everything thing written by our favorite authors. However, at the same time we’re hesitant at times in buying something written by someone we haven’t read before. This is not because the stories aren’t well written; it’s usually because we might not like that particular author’s style of writing.

This is why I love jumping at an opportunity to read a smorgasbord of multi-genre romance novellas and novelettes written by some of the bestselling authors here in the US and internationally. I love being able to see how these various authors deal with a specific theme, as is the case here. The theme in this LIMITED EDITION, which is a get it while you can situation, is the Kissing Bough, otherwise known as the mistletoe.

What’s more fun than kissing someone under under the mistletoe?  It’s kissing them under their nose.[LOL]

But seriously, how many women who haven’t found their HEA yet, each year are looking forward to this holiday season so they can grab their desired hunk and kiss him under the mistletoe, even it means having a friend nearby with a sprig of this mythical bough dangling on a string attached to a stick.

In each of the 15 wonderful stories contained in this collection, the female protagonist is counting on her kissing her guy under the mistletoe before the last berry has been removed. Will each of these women obtain what she desires, or will she be disappointed only to wait until next year for her next opportunity to have the HEA she desires?

With the low price for this collection, how can you go wrong in downloading a copy? This is why I’m not hesitating in giving this collection the 5 STARS it so richly deserves.




I know it’s been 18 days since my last Status Report but with nothing really to report I saw no need to do one.

Since my last report I haven’t been myself, nothing serious but I just felt I need to simply relax and take care of myself. I didn’t do any work on any of my three WIPS, which I’m now going have to pay for with having to re-read several chapters of my debut erotic novella. I still have the end of the year set as when I’ll be able to type that final elusive period for the manuscript.

I haven’t done too much reading so I haven’t done that many reviews; and why I haven’t posted any of better reviews here.

The past five days were quite enjoyable. To begin with it was my dear OH’s birthday which got followed three days later by our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Now rested from all the festivities, I’ve set and ready to begin returning to normal. So with Thanksgiving approaching we’ve decided to be different this year by going out to eat and possibly eating a non-traditional holiday meal, perhaps going so far as having Chinese food.

THANKS for following me here. I’d love hearing from you. But most important have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING with your families.

HUGS and KISSES !!!  :-) :-) :-)

Monday, November 21, 2016


I received a hardcopy edition of this book from the author’s publisher, Flatiron Books, through a giveaway they had on GoodReads and the following is my honest opinion.

“Rose McEwan has lived her life out of the spotlight—daughter, wife, mother, ex-wife, journeyman writer trying to make ends meet. But even so, fame has come to her.”  So states the description for this debut novel which contains 14 episodic stories in this fictional woman’s life from the age of 16 to 60.  At the same time the author tells us in her Author’s Note that they contain some autobiographical elements.

These stories, in part, remind me of the fictional character Walter Mitty who begins to fantasize and daydream the moment he hears something interesting the moment he hears something which triggers he imagination. Rose after encountering the celebrities mentioned in each of these stories; however when she retells each incident she begins to embellish what happens afterwards.

All of these stories are quite plausible but only to a point; these stories attempt to show that even though these individuals might be a celebrity that they’re really ordinary people like you and me given the right circumstances. Rose’s embellishments are fascinating and touching, as well as being quite thought provoking and delightfully fun to read.

The interesting thing is many of us can, given the right opportunity, might do the same thing as Rose has done. I should know because being involved in local politics the way I was I got invited to a birthday party for a local elected representative where I met someone who’s a nationally known political figure, and had a photo taken of the three of us. I didn’t have to say a single word when I would show someone the photo; the photo did the embellishing for me. Honestly, wouldn’t you want to embellish a story about someone who might met who’s well known.

For having given me something I would love to read again if I can find the time, I’m giving Ms. Jackson 5 STARS for this endeavor.