Saturday, April 20, 2019


This is going to be a brief update.

At long last my dear OH is back to normal, and the painful discomfort I’d been experiencing in my left knee has subsided and I only have to use my cane occasionally.

Hopefully with this, I’ll be able to resume the writing of the two endeavors I’m currently in the process of writing; my debut YA Christian romance novella, working title, “It Had All Been a Game”, and my erotic side’s endeavor, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.”  I’m also looking to increase my presence on the internet, so if there’s anyone interested in interviewing, please contact me privately via a DM to my Twitter account or a message on my FaceBook Account.

To ALL of my Christian followers, have a GLORIOUS, JOYFUL, and BLESSED EASTER WEEKEND with your families.  !!! 😊 😊 😊

Sunday, April 14, 2019


My chaotic schedule of driving my dear OH for doctor appointments is thankfully over, ending at the end of last month; but for the past two weeks I’ve been having excruciating pain in my left knee. It got so bad I got forced into using a rollator so I could walk from the garage we park our car in to our apartment.

Unfortunately, with the pain from my knee occupying my mind, I didn’t have any sort of mindset to do any additional writing on none of my current writing endeavors. My erotic LGBTQ novella, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother,” still has 16 chapters, 99 pages and about 18,800 words which makes it about 54% of what I estimate will be the novella’s length at completion. My sweet YA/NA Contemporary Second Chance [Christian] romance novella for which I’ve currently given it the working title of “It Had All Been a Game” current stats are 8 chapters, 50 pages and about 12,000 words longs is about 48% completed. My three other romance endeavors are currently on the back burner, and they consist of an adult Contemporary romance novel, a YA Urban Fantasy novella with a romantic back story, and a collection of Christian poetry and Flash Fiction [having 40 items of each].   

The thing which is occupying the vast portion of my time is the reading/reviewing of books, trying to maintain my being a TOP 1,000 reviewer on Amazon. The percentage of Christian books I’ve done since September 1, 2018 has dropped down to 45% from being over 50%. So, if you’re looking a book for you or your child to read, you’re invited to check out the 1,088 I’ve posted on Amazon so far.

May you and your family have a JOYOUS, GLORIOUS, and BLESSED EASTER !!! 😊😊😊

Robin Leigh Morgan   !!! 😊 😊 😊

PS – I’d love for everyone to check out my two main books on Both books are available has a paperback, KINDLE [$2.99] and for FREE has a KU [KINDLE Unlimited] and will hopefully buy/read a copy has I need to raise $$$ to assist me in publishing my future endeavors.

Friday, March 22, 2019


I know.  I know. I’ve been MIA [Missing in Action] Again. This time for almost 6 weeks.

As I stated last time my dear OH had been undergoing four weeks of almost daily medical treatment which had been occupying my time and my mind. The treatment has end and I’m the Dear is on the mend. However, I’ve been having my own medical issues, which thank goodness are relatively minor; the worse of which has been pain in my left knee which requires an Ace Knee Brace and a cane to help me ambulate the popping of 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol four times a day.

My progress in ALL of my writing endeavors has essentially been nil; with only 4 pages, 1 ½ chapters, 1,000 words being added to my YA Christian Contemporary romance novella and only 10 pages, 2 chapters, 1,900 words being added to my second erotic novella being written under erotic pen name. As for my collection of Christian Flash Fictions and Poetry, I’m still researching a possible issue I might have with it for which I haven’t had the time to make any progress under.

The only thing I’ve been really able to do is the reading/reviewing of books in order to keep my current status of being a TOP 1,000 reviewer on, Something I’ve been since February 11, 2019 when my Amazon Review Ranking was 980.  Over 50% of the books I’ve been reading/reviewing are still Christian books. And if anyone is interested in finding their next book to read, or a book for a child in their family, you can check out any of my 1,065 reviews I’ve from a broad spectrum of genres, here:

Robin Leigh Morgan   !!! 😊 😊 😊

Monday, February 4, 2019


I know. I know I’ve been MIA [Missing in Action] for the past + month and there’s a lot of things which has been happening in my life. I celebrated another birthday without my wish coming true regarding selling a decent amount of my two published books. It extremely frustrating but my dear OH is always there giving me the moral support I need, especially when I need it the most, and now I’m the one who’s giving the support as the Dear is undergoing four weeks of almost daily medical treatment; which is occupying my time and my mind.

With all this going on in my mind I can’t seem to be able to concentrate enough to have done any writing on any of my current writing endeavors. I’ve discovered I might have a minor copyright issue regarding my collection of Christian Poetry and Flash Fiction which I’m in the midst of investigating. The poetry portion is completed which is why verifying the situation regarding it is very important, as it might save me from a ton of additional work or even scraping it completely [the details of which I’m currently keeping private]. This is interfering with my writing my first YA/NA “Christian” romance novella which is currently among 44% completed, but before I can get started writing it again; I’ll have to re-read my entire manuscript.

With all this going on the only form of escapism I’ve got is my reading/reviewing of books, of which over 54% have been for Christian books where I’ve always seemed to able to include an appropriate biblical verse or two for the book I’m reviewing and where the authors love the ones I’ve included for its appropriateness. If anyone is interested in the reviews for the Christian books I reviewed or any of my 1,031 reviews from a broad spectrum of genres, you’re always welcomed to check them out on Amazon at:

My erotic side, Kathryn Heart, has already published her first actual erotic romance novella “The Transformation,” and is now almost 50% completed on her second erotica novella “Becoming the Bride’s Mother.” You’re invited to check out her novella and her collection of 250 Erotic Haiku “Haiku Becomes Erotic” both of which can be read for free as a KU [Kindle Unlimited] download as are my own two published endeavors. As I can used the royalties in getting my endeavors completed and published.

Robin Leigh Morgan   !!! 😊 😊 😊


Monday, December 31, 2018


For the end of this year I’d decided not to do any more writing on either the two endeavors I personally have, as well as my erotic endeavor as Kathryn Heart, plus the two Christian endeavors I’ve got as R L Morgan. I need time to clear my head, to relax, and to spend some quality time with my dear OH of 25 years.

This year I’ve achieved a major milestone as a Book Reviewer, I’d posted my 1,000th review on Amazon. I’m still posting a broad spectrum of genres in my reviews, from board pages picture books for very young readers to hot, steamy erotic BDSM, LGBT novels, and most recently over 55% of the books I’ve read/reviewed since September 1st have been for Christian books.  Everyone is always welcomed to check my reviews out on Amazon at:

As for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge, I first met my goal of 200 books, then 250 books, and now finally meeting a second revised goal of 300 books.

Looking ahead for the beginning of 2019, I want to finish writing Kathryn Heart’s second erotic endeavor, “Becoming the Mother of the Bride”; R L Morgan’s Christian endeavors, a YA/NA Contemporary romance “It Had All Been a Game” and her collection of 40 items of Christian poetry and 40 Christian Flash Fictions. And naturally I’d love to finish writing my Adult Contemporary “His Darkest Secret” and my YA Urban Fantasy with a romantic backstory “The Secret of the Well” [which is also a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA paranormal romance “I Kissed a Ghost.”

I’d would for everyone to consider getting a copy of any of my published endeavors, all of which can be read for FREE as a Amazon KU [KINDLE Unlimited].

I’d love to be interviewed for any of the genres I’m writing in, so if you’d like to interview me for your blog or website, just send me a DM [Direct Message] to my twitter account:

In closing I want to give all of my followers and your families, all of my love and my best wishes, and that of my dear sweet OH of 25 years,  for a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Robin Leigh Morgan   !!! 😊 😊 😊


Thursday, December 20, 2018


Being involved with multiple writing endeavors across multiple genres I’m finding it quite interesting how I’ve got to switch my mindset in writing each one. From writing regular endeavors which I’ve got two, an adult contemporary entitled “His Darkest Secret” [the title of which I’m now considering to change due in a certain element in the storyline] and a YA Urban Fantasy with a romantic backstory, entitled “The Secret of the Well” [which is a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA Paranormal Romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” Two of these endeavors are currently, more or less, on the back burners, as I’m picking up a third writing persona.

Then I’ve got my second writing persona, Kathryn Heart, with her second erotic LGBT story, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother”, which will contain an epilogue with a surprise ending. With my debut erotic BDSM LGBT novel, “The Transformation,” which has an unexpected HEA ending. Kathryn’s second endeavor is almost 50% completed.

Making a 180-degree turnaround from Kathryn Heart, I’ve got two Christian endeavors in the works, a collection of 40 Christian Poems and 40 Christian Flash Fictions, the poetry portion as I’ve mentioned before is already finished, but I still need 11 more prompt words to write my flash fictions around [if you’ve got any suggestions, please leave them as a comment.] My debut Christian YA/NA Romance, “It Had All Been a Game,” is now about 45% completed. For these two endeavors, I’m probably going to use the name R L Morgan.

As far as my reviewing books is concerned, as of today [12/20/2018], I’ve finally posted my 1,000th review on Amazon. My reviewing of Christian books is still comprising just over 55% of the books I’ve reviewed since September 1st, 54 of the 98 books I’ve reviewed [55.10%] have been for this genre. If anyone is interested in knowing what these Christian books, or any of my other books, are so you can read them yourselves or to use as a gift, here is the link:

I can now feel the possibility of my actually becoming a TOP 1,000 reviewer on Amazon. It would make a marvelous Christmas present if I do.

Lastly, if I don’t do another Status Report before Christmas, I wish all of my followers and your families, a VERY JOYOUS and BLESSED CHRISTMAS.


Robin Leigh Morgan

Saturday, November 24, 2018


I know I’ve been MIA for the past month but I’ve been extremely busy with my writing endeavors.

My erotic side, Kathryn Heart, has just finished writing her debut erotic novel, “The Transformation.” She’s completed creating the cover for the book and has converted it into the required *.JPEG file, has decided on the final font/size, and just needs to do a final run through the entire manuscript, before heading to KDP Publishing for the actual creation of the KINDLE book for this title.

Kathryn’s now returning to her second erotic endeavor, “Becoming the Bride’s Mother,” which is now about 33% completed. It’s going to be a slow process getting restarted since the last time she’s look at the manuscript had been just over 10 weeks ago.

Turning to my Christian writing endeavors, my collection of Christian Poetry & 40 Flash Fictions is moving along: the poetry section is now completed, and I need to write 15 more Flash Fictions to complete that portion. If you care to help, leave me a generic word around which to write them. I’ve already created the cover and illustration for each of the book’s two sections.

My YA Christian romance novella, “It Had All Been a Game” is now about 40% completed. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish at least one of these books before the holiday season is over.

As far as my reviewing books is concerned, as of today [11/24/2018], I’ve reviewed a total of 980 books, meaning I’ll be able to hit the 1,000th book milestone before the end of the year. My reviewing of Christian books is coming more and more my mainstay, because since September 1st, 46 of the 78 books I’ve reviewed [59%] have been for this genre. If anyone is interested in knowing what these books are so you can read them or to use as a gift, here is the link:

Both of my books are available for FREE as a KINDLE Unlimited download, you reading them will assist me in raising the funds I need to self-publish my new books: