Sunday, May 8, 2016


How many times have we heard stories where a man or woman, or even someone reading this review, have to make a decision has to who they’re going to marry. Would it be someone they truly love and there’s a definite passion which exists between the two; or would it be some patriarch/matriarch who for the sake of family will decide which individual their child will marry. Such is the situation we have in the storyline for this novelette/short story.

On one side we’ve got a handsome bear shifter billionaire Orson who has everything a woman could want -- money, looks.  On the other we’ve got a curvaceous, shy woman by the name of Casey who is happens to be self-conscious about the way she looks, she’s also happens to be an excellent cook who is trying to start a catering business which is the venue through which these two happened to meet.   

While Orson is definitely attracted to the human Casey, his father, the bear shifter clan’s Alpha is steadfast about his marrying another shifter,  Cleo. Luckily, neither one desires to have an arranged marriage forced upon them.

I love reading stories like these, especially when the author has used their writing skills to develop the characters as well as the storyline into such a compact space. Will love or dedication to family win in the end, I’m not going to reveal, so you’ll have to the 5 STARS I’ve given this story yourself to find out.  

I received an e-book copy for this book through an internet giveaway and the above has been my honest opinion.


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