Monday, May 16, 2016


This novella definitely turned on the jukebox of my mind as it brought back two songs which I can remember from my childhood.

The two songs I’m referring to are:
Where Did Our Love Go? – The Supremes – 1964 and

Our Love is Here to Stay – Nat King Cole – 1955
If you’re not familiar with these go to YouTube and listen to them.

These two songs I feel form the framework for the story Ms. Griscom has created here. Both Maggie and Ian have recognized the need to experience a rebirth of the wonderful marriage they once had. And what better way they figured than to take a lavish and expensive passenger paddle-steamer that cruises the Sacramento River.
It is Ian who takes the initiative in attempting to rekindle the excitement they once had before the burdens of life: kids and jobs had destroyed all of that. It is Ian who wants to make sure that once their love for each other returns it will remain with them forever.

With a story like this how can I not give it 5 STARS.


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