Sunday, May 29, 2016


It’s Memorial Day again, the time when remember those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. I felt the need to share two of my Flash Fictions for all those reading this to reflect on.




Leslie sat in the den of her home crying.

The tears which came flowing over her cheeks weren’t ones of sadness. They were ones of the bittersweet remembrances she got as she read the letters which her then future husband had sent her during his first assignment in the Middle East.

Theresa, Leslie’s daughter, sat by her mother’s side trying to console her, but to no avail.

Reluctantly, Leslie allowed her daughter to read the letters herself.

Sadness became infectious because these letters allowed Theresa to get to know the father she barely knew, as she now fell victim to the beautiful words in the letters as well.



The color purple covers the entire spectrum of life itself, from the richest of people of royal blood who flaunt it in their clothes they wear, to the lowly peasant who’s mourning the death of a loved one.

The color purple doesn’t make the person; it’s their acts which makes them the person. A person of royal blood who thinks himself better than those around him won’t receive the respect of those below his station, while a poor individual who regularly gives of himself will be treated in a manner normally reserved for a king.

The lack of selfishness must be maintained at all costs; and placed above everything else.

When it comes to war, an extremely small percentage of soldiers will wind up losing body parts or even making the ultimate sacrifice and place their lives above everyone else’s, an act of pure valor which can only be symbolized by a Purple Heart.

Although small in size, the Purple Heart is worth more than a hundred times its weight in gold, merely because of what it represents.

NOTE: The above two items, with a few revisions, come from my second book, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology,” which is a collection of 100 Flash Fictions, most of which got written as I wrote my first book and at time needed something to help me get through a case of writer’s block I had been experiencing.

This is NOT a request for anyone to buy a copy of my book.



  1. Thanks for sharing these, Robin. Very appropriate for today.

    1. THANKS Rita. They're definitely thought provoking and emotional as well. If you ever come down with a dreaded case of writer's block, have a source for prompts and try writing a five sentence story a round it.

  2. Don't forget those who make it home in one piece, just to fall victim to the memories of their soldier's life.

    1. I haven't Nick. The Purple Heart story takes this in account.

  3. Well done, Robin.A fitting post for an important day. Good luck with all your endeavors.

    1. THANKS Micki. I hope you're enjoying this weekend with your family !!! :-) :-) :-)

  4. Loved both pieces. Thanks for sharing, Robin. What a nice tribute to those who served.

    1. You're quite welcomed Sue and THANKS for your kind compliment

      I used to write these as I wrote my first novel; a Paranormal Romance entitled, "I Kissed a Ghost." Having to write a 5 sentence Flash Fictions from time to time helped me get through writer's block.

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    1. Glad you've liked these two stories.
      These two stories like I said in the above come from my second book, "Micro Fiction - An Anthology." If you're interested in the book here's the link for the KINDLE version of the book on Since I don't know where you live, you can change the link to the Amazon site in your country

      Please tell all of your friends about this book and THANKS for your kind support in doing this for me.