Sunday, May 8, 2016


I find it amazing many serial killer have existed in our society, serial killer who have vanished into the history of serial killers here in the United States and elsewhere, who more the most part have faded into the history of sadistic, heinous murders.

Unlike most of the individuals covered so far by the author, an examination, as Mr. Rosewood wrote, In fact, an examination of Wilder reveals that in many ways he lived a charmed life: he had plenty of money and material possessions, was respected by his neighbors and colleagues, and was popular with women. It was this combination of attributes which allow his victims to become an easy prey for Wilder’s depravity.

If there were no financial reasons for Wilder to kill and with apparently no physical damage to his brain, then the only possibility which remains is a psycho-sexual disorder.

Once again Mr. Rosewood has cut to the chase to give his readers the story of what made each of the serial killers covered in his series tick, especially when it came to their psychopathology. Having written commentary type items for several years for a community newspaper I can see the same kind of improvement I’ve had made during that time as I see in the author as his series of books have progressed since the first one. This is the same kind of improvement everyone makes the more they do something repeatedly.

Wilder, unlike the rest of the killers covered by the author, had a relatively, as I’ve said before, a relatively charmed life. He never served any time behind bars due to technicalities, witnesses refusing to testify, or the judges showing sympathy towards him.

For once again giving his reader an informative insight and story of another serial killer I’ve given the author 5 STARS for his endeavor here. I had a mobi.file of this book in return for my honest review.

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