Sunday, August 27, 2017


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “TASTE” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

The taste of the wine

Reminds me of her sweet kiss

As I mourn her death

No weight I can lose

This smorgasbord’s taste divine

Diet starts next week

Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve tastes apple

First sin has been made

Would love to get your feedback

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I know I haven’t done any interviews in a good long while, so I felt the time has come for me to start doing them with my fellow romance authors. I therefore want to thank Regan Walker for responding to my recent offer to interview authors on FaceBook. While we might love to read their books, we don’t really know anything about them. So with the song “Getting to Know You” from “The King and I” playing softly in the background I’m going to interview my first guest, Regan Walker.

Please introduce yourself.
Hi, all! Regan Walker here. I am an author of historical romance. My favorite periods in which to set my stories are the Regency, Georgian and Medieval eras. I also love seafaring romances and have several set on the high seas. I live in San Diego where the air is perfumed with blossoms and an ocean breeze invariably blows, at least if you live near the coast as I do.

Can you tell us about your latest published novel?
My latest is Echo in the Wind. It’s book two in the Donet Trilogy and a second chance at love for the dashing former pirate, Jean Donet. It begins on the coast of West Sussex where he is engaged in a bit of smuggling. You know, French brandy, tea and assorted other highly valued cargo.

What was the inspiration/description for your latest novel?
When Jean Donet first appeared on the deck of his ship in To Tame the Wind, shouting orders to his men as guns blazed all around him, he quite stole my heart. I knew then he had to have his own story. And I knew it would take an unusual woman for Jean Donet to consider loving again. I believe I found her in Lady Joanna West.

Here’s the short description:

England and France 1784

Cast out by his noble father for marrying the woman he loved, Jean Donet took to the sea, becoming a smuggler, delivering French brandy and tea to the south coast of England. When his young wife died, he nearly lost his sanity. In time, he became a pirate and then a privateer, vowing to never again risk his heart.

As Donet’s wealth grew, so grew his fame as a daring ship’s captain, the terror of the English Channel in the American War. When his father and older brother die in a carriage accident in France, Jean becomes the comte de Saintonge, a title he never wanted.

Lady Joanna West cares little for London Society, which considers her its darling. Marriage in the ton is either dull or disastrous. She wants no part of it. To help the poor in Sussex, she joins in their smuggling. Now she is the master of the beach, risking her reputation and her life. One night off the coast of Bognor, Joanna encounters the menacing captain of a smuggling ship, never realizing he is the mysterious comte de Saintonge.

Can Donet resist the English vixen who entices him as no other woman? Will Lady Joanna risk all for an uncertain chance at love in the arms of the dashing Jean Donet?

How did you decide on the title for the book?
It began with this quote: How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart! (from the poem “Ephemera” by William Butler Yeats). Donet is 40 and thinks never to love again after losing his first wife whom he loved with a passion.

Do you have any current writing endeavors? What are they?
Ah yes. I am writing A Secret Scottish Christmas, book 4 in the Agents of the Crown series. You can spend Christmas in Scotland with Spies, Scots and Shipmasters… Set in 1819 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, it’s the story of the Powell twins, Robbie and Nash, spies for the Crown, who celebrate a "secret" Christmas with William Stephen, the hero in The Holly & The Thistle, and his English wife, Lady Emily Stephen. Each will vie for the love of William's younger sister, Aileen, but which one will win the prize?
Do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?
I generally have the beginning in mind long before I write and my stories are led by actual historical events so there is that, too. But the rest is all magic. In other words, I’m a modified pantster.

What made you decide to become an author?
My best friend who, when I was complaining to her about the ending of a romance I’d just finished, told me I thought like a writer and I should write one of my own. I can still remember our conversation, which took place in my kitchen toward the end of 2010. I took her advice and the next year wrote Racing with the Wind, published in 2012.

Since you’re a romance author, of all the sub-genres of romance which exist, what made you choose the genre you write in.
I love the history and diving into the past. I love being swept away to another time and place but one that is historically authentic.

Do you have a schedule for your time to write, answer emails, and market/promote your book[s]?
I try, though life intervenes. The first two hours are given to answering email, social media and promotion. Then I write (and research) till early afternoon. Of course, in there are two walks and occasional telephone calls.

Do you read books outside the genre you write in? What are they?
Yes, but mostly nonfiction historical books related to my research. You can see them on the Pinterest storyboards I do for each book.

What are the items you must have around you when you write; food, drink, music, etc?
I write to music, sometimes critical to a particular scene. (You can see my playlist here: My writing took over my dining room long ago and the table has all I need: computer, printer, supplies, stacks of research, pens, sticky notes, good light, calendar, etc.

When you were an aspiring author you needed advice, what advice would you give to an aspiring author in those shoes today?
Well, the first thing is to learn a bit about the craft. I learned it on the fly but you can actually take a class or get a book. Then write… and finish the story just so you know you can. Get some eyes on it, not your sister or your friend but some impartial eyes, like a critique partner. Once you are happy with it, get a professional editor to look at it. I am also a reviewer and I can’t tell you how many authors submit published books to me that have been poorly edited. I have a list of the Top 10 things which, as a reader, I really dislike:

If there’s anything else you’d like to briefly tell us about your book, your writing, or yourself.
I do encourage readers to follow my on Amazon and BookBub and to sign up for my newsletter (from the home page on my website).

Just so you know, I read, review and write what I love: historically authentic historical romance. I have a blog, Historical Romance Review ( that I began before I was an author where I post reviews. I try to find the good ones for my fellow readers. I have 15 lists to help readers.


Where can we find your book?
On Amazon US:

Where can we find you on:

Amazon Author page:

THANKS for giving me your time in allowing me to interview you.
Thank you for inviting me!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

This underlining essence for true story of Lillie Fritsche tends to harken back to the traditional Negro spiritual “A Motherless Child.” The reason I’m saying this is that like the song being a clear representation of the agony and depression felt by the children of slaves who had been forcibly taken from their parents at an early age, Lillie had to deal with the reality of losing her mother when she was seven.

Lillie instead of feeling the prejudice which had been so prevalent towards blacks while she was growing up, she had to face a similar animosity because of her German ancestry and the unpleasantness of the nationalistic sentiment at that time.

In this book, Ms. Hobbs has given her readers an exceptionally poignant reading experience, regarding her mother, Lillie’s life. The author allows them to follow Lillie’s life as she grows up facing the hurdles which were continuously placed in front of her until becomes an inspirational example of how far faith can take a woman if she believes in herself; which is why it has gotten the 5 STARS I’ve given it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “SKY” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

Today’s sky is blue

Not a single cloud be seen

Rain can’t ruin day

Flock of birds in sky

Hundreds flying over me

Hope no gifts are left

My love is true blue

Like the sky overhead of me

No heart be broken

Would love to get your feedback

Saturday, August 19, 2017


If anyone looks up my bio you’ll find I’m not only a Blogger and a voracious Book Reviewer with 572 reviews already under my belt since I started this, my 2nd second career, three years ago this week, I’m also an author with two books under my belt; an anthology of 100 Flash Fictions and my debut MG/YA Paranormal romance novel [which I’m currently re-editing.]

I found that this book speaks to me. Having married in my early 40’s to my dear OH about 23 ¾ years ago, we wound up having no children [probably good since there’s a genetic condition one of us has]. After having a massive heart attack and a quadruple by-pass surgery around age 60, I decided to sit down and finally fulfill a dream I had when I had been a young child. The dream had been to become an author which I’d fulfilled about two years later, and now I’ve the two books already written as I mentioned above, I’ve also got two endeavors which I’m working slowly on’ an adult Contemporary romance and a MG/YA Urban Fantasy. Now I’m just awaiting to get enough sales so I can quickly finish them and get them self-published as well through CreateSpace.

I haven’t let my age stop me with what I love doing now, which is my writing. Not am I only writing the stuff I’ve mention, I’ve writing stuff which can best be described as erotic.

As you can probably tell from what I’ve written above I’m not letting my age stop me from writing what I do; nor is my age stopping me from other endeavors. I believe I’m epitomizing what this book is trying to offer all those who read it. And if you’re like me, you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way from doing what you want to do or fulfilling those dreams which have yet to be fulfilled.

As I tell any woman, to whom I’m connected to on FaceBook, on their birthdays:

Happy Birthday Girl !!!

And Many, many more

Remember… The older you get, the better you get !!!  :-) :-) :-)

Given the above, it should come as no surprise that I’m giving this book the 5 STARS it so richly deserves. So, to use a US Army campaign, “Be All You Can Be,” and consider getting a copy of this book.

BTW – If you’re wondering about my age, I’M ONLY 66 ½ YEARS YOUNG !!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Well my dear followers I’ve FINALLY did it. I’ve completed the making the suggestions given to me by the marvelous line editor who I’d gotten from CreateSpace. This is a lesson I’m going to remember, from now on I’m going to use a line editor instead of a regular to review the manuscript for all my future romance endeavors. The only thing I’ll need to do going forwards is to increase my promotional endeavors to raise the necessary funds to pay for it; that is unless some rich relative dies and leaves me the funds [the problem is I’ve got no rich relatives] and only other way is for me to hit the lottery big enough to cover the expenses, even it’s only one endeavor at a time.

Yesterday, I submitted the parameters I’d like to have for the re-edited manuscript for what had been my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.” Once the wonderful folks at CreateSpace tell me the parameters are okay, I’ve got to correct the line spacing on the manuscript the line editor had made her suggestions, as well as deleting the suggestions she’d made. With this done, it’s one more run through the manuscript to see if everything looks okay, rename the file again [want to keep a record of everything] before downloading the final manuscript file to CreateSpace. There are a few more steps before I’ll be able to release the revised edition of my novel.

With this off finally off my mind I can return to my two current WIPs, an adult Contemporary romance, with a paranormal element [no ghost] running through the storyline, entitled “His Darkest Secret.” My second WIP is a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well”; which is a stand-alone sequel to my debut novel, where I need to slightly increase the romance aspect for the storyline.

Going forwards, hopefully I’ll be able to set up a regular schedule for the diverse types of posts I do each week. I would also like to start interviewing my fellow romance authors for my two blog sites. If you’re interested send me a DM through my Twitter account [ ].

Please DON’T be shy, I’d love to read any feedback you might have regarding my posts. The weekend is almost here, so, have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families. !!!  :-) :-) :-)


Robin Leigh

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE unlimited download.

As a romance author who is also a voracious book reviewer, I read a wide variety of genres for all ages; so, naturally my favorite genre to review is romance. Romance has a multitude of subgenres, and of these, second chance romances is one of my favorites.

In reading a second chance romance the characters involved have gone through a traumatic experience such as a horrendous separation or even worse a divorce, which causes them to carry a lot of baggage around afterwards. When they finally do find someone they’re fearful about history repeating itself, and it doesn’t if it’s the guy or the woman, they both shared the same apprehensions about falling in love again; although the woman feels it more. They must overcome their trepidations if they’re ever going to have the HEA they desire.

In this book, the author, Sharilee Swaity, doesn’t deal with a fictional romance; she deals with real life situations and real people. And in doing this the author analyses the reasons from why married couples have disagreements in their relationships to why their marriages fall apart.

To accomplish this the author includes real life stories and studies in addition to her own personal second marriage experiences which also includes her husband’s. I loved reading the honest advice she gives to have a second marriage not have the pitfalls the marriage might have had. There is a definite need to in knowing how to overcome conflict before it gets out of control, and to resolve any disparities which might exist between either half of a marriage to the other.

Perhaps there’s some truth in Frank Sinatra’s song “The Second Time Around”:

Love is lovelier the second time around

Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground

It's that second time you hear your love song sung

Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, is wasted on the young

Love's more comfortable the second time you fall

Like a friendly home the second time you call

Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found?

There are those who'll bet love comes but once, and yet

I'm oh, so glad we met the second time around

Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found?

There are those who'll bet love comes but once, and yet

I'm oh, so glad we met the second time around

For having given her readers palatable information for the possibility of a second marriage being successful, in an empathetic manner, how can I not give Ms. Swaity the 5 STARS she deserves.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Sigal Adler has done a marvelous job in bring together all the elements her book, “The Spoiled Princess” contains.

To begin, being an author myself, I know how hard it is to write any story, especially when it’s being written for a young child; and to be able to write it in rhyme not only adds to the difficulty but it adds an attention-holding reading experience for the child.

When a book is written, where one of the premises for writing it deals with desiring the young reader to learn a specific lesson, there are two qualities that the authors must keep in mind for their endeavor to succeed. The first is that they do not hit over the child with the lesson being presented, the second is not talking down to child. If these concepts are not there the child will turn off to the lesson being presented. Ms. Adler’s writing succeeds in accomplishing these two concepts, and the young girls reading this book will learn the lesson the storyline has.

The illustrations are a wonderful addition which adds to the visualization of the story for its readers. Not only does the child reading this learn to be grateful for what they’ve got and not to be over demanding from their parents, some adults who happen to pick this book up and read it might learn to stop spoiling their children by giving them everything they want, instead of what they actually need which is the simply giving them the love they want.

For teaching a vital lesson to its young girl readers as well as some of their parents, I’m giving Ms. Adler 5 STARS for her endeavor here.

The only problem for books like these is their limited audience of only girls. I would love to see this author writing a similar story for the young boy readers out there, who need to be taught the same lesson.


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “STOP” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

STOP eating, I must

So, my wedding gown will fit

Can’t disappoint groom

Stop in name of love

That is the way the song goes  

But love is endless

Can’t stop driving car

In a rush to hospital

My wife’s giving birth

Would love to get your feedback


I’d received a PDF.file copy of this from the author through a giveaway he recently had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

The author, Curtis Edmonds, has written a marvelous rhyming alphabetical listing of girl’s names that one girl imagines she might be instead of herself. Each time she images another name she’s in another state of the U.S. doing some sort of activity. Yet, her imagination is just that for she really enjoys being herself, doing the things she likes to do, but most of all she enjoys being with the family she. What adds to this book’s readers enjoying it is the fabulous illustrations done by Mat Sadler.

While each name appears to have a city and an activity haphazardly associated with it, there’s actually an educational reason behind it. An educational reason which parents can find at the end of the book, where a fact about the state and the activity each girl mention is mentioned is given. Parents can either copy each of these pages from the paperback edition, or copy/paste from the KINDLE and sit with their daughters the first time she reads the book. The inspiration for this book came from the author’s daughters, whose names are mentioned in the book.

For having given his young readers as well as their parents an enjoyable and educational reading experience there’s no way I can’t give its author and illustrator 5 STARS.

Now, that this author has given us a book written for parents and their daughters, I feel it’s no more than fitting that he writes one for parents and their sons.

Friday, August 11, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

While this short book’s complete title: “HOW TO TALK DIRTY: 263 Best Dirty Talk Examples and Tips to Drive Your Partner Absolutely Wild” seems to indicate it’s a guide to wonderful increase the sexual relationship with your partner, it can also rekindle the one you’ve thought you’ve lost. Which I s something I’m going to use to surprise my dear OH with the first chance I get. To better understand this book’s intent, all you need to do is it read the book’s introduction.

Being a voracious Book Reviewer, I read a wide variety of genres, from children’s all the way to erotic BSDM romances. In reading those erotic novels I love to fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonist, especially when I get to read the explicit erotic dialogue she hears and speaks, as I begin to get arouse with the language being used and the visual images I see in my mind. Even as I read the examples being given I could see how using “dirty talk” properly can increase the desired effect/image authors would like to project in their novels. 

As an author who happens to write romance I can easily see this book being used as sort of a bible as how to handle and improve an erotic author’s writing. The book with its illustrative instructions and examples these can help erotic authors to better understand the “dirty talk” they would like to write.

For having given a wide potential audience of readers an insightful self-help book, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I’d been in the mood to read/review another tender Inspiration/Christian romance, so as I usually do I did a genre search and this book’s title caught my eye. Naturally, While I knew a little about Charlemagne and his “converting” pagans to Christianity by the sword, I didn’t know anything about the Vikings and their conversion.

Ms. Soard did a decent job in researching the historical aspects for her story, because as I found out in doing my own research. Not all Vikings fell into the image we’ve got in our minds of being fierce pillagers, some were traders. Viking traders noticed they could do better business as a Christian than they could a Viking, so they wore a cross while amongst Christians and Thor’s hammer when they weren’t, and could practice both religions if they weren’t baptized, which had been the practice for a few centuries.

And it’s this practice of embracing two cultures which brought conflict into Rok Erikson’s life and his mind. He must deal with going up against those who are intent to kill his father, yet this doing this would be a transgression of the new Christian faith he’s embrace.

When his eldest brother winds up killing the man who’s out to kill his father, and violates a frail daughter sexually; another daughter takes a dagger to slay him in revenge and out of fear she’d be next. She’s forced to leave her ravaged sister behind when she’s taken prisoner by Rok’s family to face a trial for her living up to her own family’s code of honor.

Kismet has a way of stepping in and complicating matters as Leani finds herself being increasingly attracted to Rok who doesn’t know who is she. Her mind is now in turmoil as she faces a dichotomy in her beliefs, Leani’s guilt-ridden with the murder she’s committed on one hand and desperate to find some non-existing compassion on the other.

Ultimately, she realizes how her new-found faith in G-d can be her salvation when she’d thought there could be none.

The author did a marvelous job in intertwining both the Viking and Christian belief systems and religions. This endeavor by Ms. Soard is sure to pull at your heartstrings even though you might believe you’ve got none, which is why I’ve given it the 5 STARS it richly deserves.


Monday, August 7, 2017


It’s happened before, and it’s happened again, my best laid plans have gotten shot down. I did so much want to have the re-editing process of what had been my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost”, completed by now, along with its release. Now I estimated I’ll be finished with this endeavor before the end of the week. One thing arose with what the line editor, who’s done a marvelous job correcting and smoothing out the manuscript, wound up finding a “non-forgivable” which I’d made which involved a time factor. This caused me needing to rewrite several preceding sections of the manuscript. This error had a ripple effect since she also found subsequent sections continuing the error I’d made, each requiring a re-write of what came before/after the offending section. I now need to do another double check to see if I’ve made all the suggestions she’s made.

Another issue I needed to deal had been my “daughter,” Kathryn Heart, who’s is my erotic side and needs to be able to promote herself and her endeavors. Naturally, she’s interest in more and more erotic writing endeavors, which involves a great deal of time. With her needs being satisfied at least for now, I can return to concentrate on my own writing endeavors.

I don’t know I’ve done it, but I’ve written about another 16 reviews since my last Status Report, and I’d love for you to check them out. Who knows, you might be able to find your next book to read:

I’d love to read some feedback from you, my blog followers, so I will know you’re alive.  I would also love to start interviewing my fellow romance authors, so DM me on Twitter

So, have a GREAT WEEK my Dears with whatever you’re doing.


Robin Leigh         

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “POST” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

Horse tied to a post

Pretty philly he does see

But can’t go here her

Waiting for the post

My check more than a week late

Nuts another bill

House has three huge posts

Holding up a huge terrace

Take one terrace’s gone

Would love to get your feedback

Thursday, August 3, 2017


While Valentine’s Day is not here, the nine stories in this book like the spirit of the holiday can easily warm the cockles of your heart at any time of the year.

Being a child of the 1950’s I can easily remember, like some if not most of most of you are reading this, those small red square boxes with the heart-shaped window, loaded with those sweet multi-colored heart-shaped candy with sayings only a young girl would understand; candy which the boys would frown about eating.

Each of these nine stories, like shaking of one those candies into your hand, don’t have to read in any particular order. So, write the nine titles on pieces of paper, put them in a small paper bag, and pick out one at a time just like you did with those candies. However, before you begin reading the story you’ve selected; close your eyes, and envision an imagine of what the message on the paper means to you today as an adult; because each of those pieces of paper is a major underlining component for the storyline.

While some of you might not have had any difficulty in finding your one and only, the rest of you did, and became desperate enough like in “Fiddler on the Roof” when Tevye and Golde's daughters sing about a matchmaker choosing a partner for them.

With stories from contemporary and historical romances, set in different time periods and locations you’ll find yourselves having a hard time not feeling the emotions felt by the two main characters as you fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonists in these stories, the way I did. I could have easily downloaded this collection via KINDLE Unlimited, but I chose to buy a copy instead; I’m glad I did and it’s why I’ve decided to give this collection and its authors 5 STARS.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

How many of you mothers reading this can remember your last day of middle school [junior high school in some areas]? Weren’t you happy you weren’t going to look as a child anymore, but more as a young adult; of course, you were. So why not allow your daughter in step into Bethany’s shoes as she’s about to transition going to high school.

You know quite well about all the excitement of going to high school for the first time, as well as all the angsts associated with it.

From your older friends, back then, you already knew about the fun extra-curriculum you had like baseball and football games, and let us not forget the dances. Yet, you and probably like this book’s protagonist, Bethany, are lacking one vital ingredient, that of not having a boyfriend to share everything with.

Perhaps you had been as lucky as Bethany and had a friend like Shelby who’ll stay by your side as you journey to your first day of high school. This summer vacation, after the eighth grade, is a vacation which can be fraught with some life-alternating experiences, like finding your first real boyfriend, a real first kiss and perhaps even a possible first love. But along with this you might have had someone who on one hand appears to be your friend, but, is an individual who is envious of you and what you might have [especially if it’s a boyfriend], and who would like nothing more than create problems for you in getting and keeping these things. Bethany has Brooke, who did you have?  

This book has an enlightening storyline for young girls, a storyline which is sure to bring these memories back to you as their mothers.

So why not have them read this book, so you can also read it yourself; which is why I’m happy to give the author, Laurel Veil 5 STARS for her endeavor here.