Tuesday, May 31, 2016


When I had entered the LibraryThing giveaway which I eventually won I didn’t realize for some reason it is actually part of a six volume series of novellas. I had originally envisioned it would be a novel in which a woman would be getting rid of everything related to a previous relationship she had been in; much, much more than merely washing that man, and everything else out of her hair.

After reading this first volume I’ve come to realize it would be series I’d definitely would love to read more of, but being the kind of book reviewer I am, I unfortunately don’t have the time to read the rest of this series while also reading and reviewing the books on my TBReviewed list.

What is a woman to do who has found a hunk of a single dad at her special needs daughter’s school when her past includes having her husband killed by his mistress and where she happens to be sleeping with this mistress’ ex-husband? Well for Jamie it is to develop a fourteen plan in which she’ll be able to totally renew her body, mind and soul.

Having a timeline format for the story where her reader’s will know what is taking place each day of Jamie’s fourteen day plan, including the time of day it is; and will make them feel as if they’re there, watching the action taking place and listening to the dialogue between the book’s characters.

Having flashbacks interspersed throughout the story should help readers better understand what is happening to Jamie and her life today.

For allowing me the opportunity to glimpse into the protagonist’s life and her transformation I’m giving Ms. Stradling 5 STARS. The above has been my honest opinion.

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R1T6HM6I4045CA

Sunday, May 29, 2016


It’s Memorial Day again, the time when remember those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. I felt the need to share two of my Flash Fictions for all those reading this to reflect on.




Leslie sat in the den of her home crying.

The tears which came flowing over her cheeks weren’t ones of sadness. They were ones of the bittersweet remembrances she got as she read the letters which her then future husband had sent her during his first assignment in the Middle East.

Theresa, Leslie’s daughter, sat by her mother’s side trying to console her, but to no avail.

Reluctantly, Leslie allowed her daughter to read the letters herself.

Sadness became infectious because these letters allowed Theresa to get to know the father she barely knew, as she now fell victim to the beautiful words in the letters as well.



The color purple covers the entire spectrum of life itself, from the richest of people of royal blood who flaunt it in their clothes they wear, to the lowly peasant who’s mourning the death of a loved one.

The color purple doesn’t make the person; it’s their acts which makes them the person. A person of royal blood who thinks himself better than those around him won’t receive the respect of those below his station, while a poor individual who regularly gives of himself will be treated in a manner normally reserved for a king.

The lack of selfishness must be maintained at all costs; and placed above everything else.

When it comes to war, an extremely small percentage of soldiers will wind up losing body parts or even making the ultimate sacrifice and place their lives above everyone else’s, an act of pure valor which can only be symbolized by a Purple Heart.

Although small in size, the Purple Heart is worth more than a hundred times its weight in gold, merely because of what it represents.

NOTE: The above two items, with a few revisions, come from my second book, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology,” which is a collection of 100 Flash Fictions, most of which got written as I wrote my first book and at time needed something to help me get through a case of writer’s block I had been experiencing.

This is NOT a request for anyone to buy a copy of my book.


Saturday, May 28, 2016


Growing up as a child in New York City we had always been taught that police officers were our friends, and if we ever needed help when our parents are not around we should go to them.

This book has done a wonderful job through its illustrations and easy to understand language for its extremely young readers in instilling the important message it has been created to convey.

For wanting our children to always be safe I’m giving the author and her book 5 STARS.
US:   http://www.amazon.com/review/REM68N64I80I4  

Friday, May 27, 2016


One way of getting some exposure for yourself and your writing endeavors is to simply enter writing contests or do a submission for an anthology or magazine. I’ve done both.

I had entered the SFWG [Short Fiction Writer’s Guild] 2014 Flash Fiction Contest and won THIRD PLACE.

If you click on my name you’re directed to Amazon and the two books I’ve written.  I’m trying to a link so you can read my winning entry.

I also did a submission for the premiere issue of The Greenwich Village Literary Review and it got accepted for publication. You can read my submission here:

Scroll down to Page 61

While the first item I’ve listed above produced no results, I noticed a slight uptick in the sales of my MG/YA Paranormal romance “I Kissed a Ghost” shortly afterwards.

While neither one of these items had cost me any money or paid me any money, there are some that do. The choice of whether or not to pay any money is up to you. You’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not it be would worth the cost.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Imagine you found the happy ever after you’ve been searching for and married him. But soon afterwards you find in reality he’s actually an abusive cad you should have dropped like poison.

Now imagine if you will you’re the female protagonist in this book, Elena. What would you do if your new counterpart [Richard Laurent]  loses you in a game of poker to a scheming Mississippi bastard of a riverboat gambler Jedidiah Nash. Naturally while you’ll be infuriated at the same time you’d be looking for some way to turn this situation around to your advantage.

Elena in her anger did precisely this, she allowed herself to lose her fidelity to her husband so she could finally experience some true lovemaking, something she never had gotten from Richard. What was supposed to have been merely a lark, turns out to be more serious as both Elena and Jed fall for each other that one night.

While I felt this story was quite enjoyable, I would love it to have been a bit longer so there could have been more character development in what is otherwise a sweet yet spicy hot romance; which is why I’m only giving it 4 STARS.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BOOK REVIEW $ 2016-059 - MY MR SEXY #1

While I’m the type of book reviewer who has read/reviewed numerous genres, from picture books to erotica, but for some reason I’m always shied away from steamy hot romances; perhaps it’s because I’m still basically an old-fashion individual who believes in no sex before marriage.

Having received a free download of this book from the author for having subscribed to her newsletter through an internet giveaway I felt somewhat obliged to reciprocate by reading/reviewing this book.

I love it when the female protagonist is torn between two lovers and has to make a decision which will have a profound on the rest of her life.

Like many readers I’m really fond of first person stories. However, this being, as I’ve already said, my first real experience in reading a story like this, I’m glad it was since it allowed me to step into Marissa’s shoes.

Marissa has a super hard choice to make as she can’t simply make a choice based on how hot Nick or Mitch is looks and in bed. She also must consider what happens when the passion has flown the coop.

While there’s an instant KISMET sort of attraction with Nick, Marissa knows she must place him in the back of her mind once she learns he’s off limits. When Milton enters the picture she now feels her love live has now been fulfilled; but will it be enough to make her forget about Nick.

The writing is quite vivid in making a clear image of Nick and Milton register in a reader’s mind. As I read this book I couldn’t help it, as Mirassa is becoming more and more torn between two lovers, but I began to hear Mary MacGregor’s song playing in my mind.

For giving me my first true hot, steamy reading experience I’m happy to give Ms. Cartwright 5 STARS.

Monday, May 23, 2016


When I began reviewing books about 21 months I found novels with a character’s name for a chapter quite distracting, however I’ve come to realize the wisdom in doing it. Character named chapters give a definite idea of whose POV [point of view] you’re in, instead of trying to occasionally trying to figure it out for yourself.

There are quite a few women, impossibly yourself included, who, like Evelynn had been in what some may call a wonderful relationship with some guy for as long as you can remember. This was until she out he had made it with her sister, causing her to be become pregnant with a daughter.

But once out of college, employed in the field you’ve studied for, and free as a bird.; you’re glad that what’s this someone is no longer in your life. You love the life you’re living now and the relationships you’re in, but life as you’ve learned has a tendency to throw a curve.

If you allow yourself to step into Evelynn’s shoes what would you do if your previous love interest all of sudden turns back up in your life? Wouldn’t his appearance throw you for a loop as it has now upset everything you’ve got going for yourself, not forgetting you’re now taking care of your niece since your sister’s death?

While I hate stories in which the guy couldn’t find better to have an affair with than the protagonist’s sister, thereby causing a rift in the relationship have for each other. I love stories where there is reconciliation between two lovers who were made for each other; giving both a second chance for a happy forever after.

Does this happy ever after happen? You’ll have to read the book to find out both for now I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Today will be another brief post.

The drought which I’ve been experiencing seems to have come to an end since my last status report I’ve received three print copies of books I’ve won through the various giveaways I’ve entered. I now have a slight backload of books on my TBReviewed pile which I’m happy about.

I’m now reached a MILESTONE in my 2nd second career as a Book Reviewer, a milestone which about 21 months ago I could have only dreamt about; reading/reviewing 300 books. When I win a book from an author or a publisher, although I don’t have to, I feel obligated to write a review and then post it my two blogs as well as on the three main internet sites for book reviews: Amazon, GoodReads and Library. Since I don’t want to swamp you, my followers, down with every review for a book I’ve read, those books I chosen to read/review strictly on my own I’ve not posted the reviews here. If you’re interested in reading all of reviews you’re always welcome to visit by Amazon profile:

My OH is still improving and is getting overly anxious about doing things without any assistance. Which, while I extremely happy about, I worry about an injury occurring again. I know you guys can understand how I feel about this.



Thursday, May 19, 2016


I received an e-book copy of this book from the author through a giveaway he had on LibraryThing in return for an honest review.

Freddie Figg is your typical grade school student, who for whatever reason is always getting himself into trouble, whether or not he had actually been at fault; and is now in the principal’s office, along with his mother so you can try to explain what happened.

At this apparently advanced grade school, imagine dissect a squid there in the fourth or fifth grade. When I went to school we dissected a frog in our seventh grade science class.

Everything had been fine. Ms. Brown had passed out the trays of squids wrapped up in a plastic wrap and then left to go to the supply room to get everything they would need to do the dissecting.

Soon afterwards hapless Freddie had been the only one who saw a squid coming out the sink of the teacher’s lab table, a squid who wanted to play a game of hide and seek with him. But after several futile attempts in getting Oscar or Zoe to see the squid, Freddie it upon to get everyone else out of the classroom and into the hallway so he could get rid of the squid himself.

As the story progresses the squid gets bigger and bigger until it was a large as a car, and at the same time the struggle better Freddie and the squid intensifies. At the end of the story, Freddie had returned the squid to the sink and drain from where it came from. There was no sign of the squid actually being there except for the slime and ink which were now mysteriously covering Freddie as well as the walls and floor.

Was what Freddie told the principal and his mother the truth or had it been a wonderful fantasy from his imagination? You’ll have to decide for yourselves. But be warned the last sentence might have you thinking about your answer a second time.

For having written this delightful story which you’ll have to read in one sitting I’m giving this book 5 STARS.


How to Speak Golf is precisely what its description states it is: a lexicon of golf terms; that many golf enthusiasts and some professional golfs might not know.

The tidbits of golf history, golf courses of the world and others add to the overall enjoyment of the book as does the fun illustrations.

This book would make a great gift to the golf lover in your life.

I received a hardcover copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway in return for my review, for which I’m giving 5 STARS.


Monday, May 16, 2016


This novella definitely turned on the jukebox of my mind as it brought back two songs which I can remember from my childhood.

The two songs I’m referring to are:
Where Did Our Love Go? – The Supremes – 1964 and

Our Love is Here to Stay – Nat King Cole – 1955
If you’re not familiar with these go to YouTube and listen to them.

These two songs I feel form the framework for the story Ms. Griscom has created here. Both Maggie and Ian have recognized the need to experience a rebirth of the wonderful marriage they once had. And what better way they figured than to take a lavish and expensive passenger paddle-steamer that cruises the Sacramento River.
It is Ian who takes the initiative in attempting to rekindle the excitement they once had before the burdens of life: kids and jobs had destroyed all of that. It is Ian who wants to make sure that once their love for each other returns it will remain with them forever.

With a story like this how can I not give it 5 STARS.

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/RNAXZADA2EKUZ


All of us, if not most, have heard when it comes to romance that opposites attract. But will this be the case when big city girl Emily goes to visit her cousin Janelle in the wilds of Oregon and then on a camping trip into the woods and meets up with country boy Bret?

Having lived in NY City and the metropolitan area surrounding all of my life I know how fast spaced life can be. Everyone is always in a rush to do everything, everything that is, even when it comes to finding love and getting a serious relationship going. Guys are continuously on the prowl to add another name into their black books and if they can’t kiss the girl they’re with the first time out, they’ll most probably consider her a lost cause.

I know how hard it is to be transported to the country with a silence that allows you to hear the birds singing and the crickets chirping. I know how it is to have even the neighborhood Chinese takeout and other stores closing their doors by nine o’clock. Which is why, when the author allowed me to step into Emily’s shoes, I became somewhat envious of the relationship she had forming with Bret; a relationship, unlike those in the city, is allowed to start off with a glowing ember before developing into a small flame.

Bret, when it comes to his personality, is definitely a breath of fresh air as far as Emily is concern. Not only does Bret grow on Emily, so does the wilderness, as she develops a special fondness for both.

Ms. Herrick’s writing adds to the enjoyment in reading this book as you can almost smell the fresh, unpolluted air of the wilderness the story is taking place in; as well as having a wonderful character development for its two main characters; which is why I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

I received an e-book copy of this book through a giveaway on the YAInsider website and the above has been my honest opinion.

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2CHYGRMX4K77W  

Friday, May 13, 2016


I must say this had been a totally different collection of short stories than I’ve ever read, or others will read if they get this book.

For incidence, the author’s first short story, “Heal Thyself”, reminded me of episodes of the television program One Step Beyond.  According to the description on IMDB this program sought out 'real' stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, disappearances, monsters, etc., and re-creating them for each episode. No solutions to these mysteries were ever found, and viewers could only scratch their heads and wonder, "what if it's real?"

In selecting the rest of the stories contained in his book, the author, Don Massenzio in choosing not to include ones which belong to the same genre added to the enjoyment the book’s reading enjoyment. Despite the book having few errors, I find it still deserves the 5 STARS I’m giving it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


In my last Marketing/Promotional tip I had spoken about how you might be able to get yourself exposure to a new audience of potential readers; by getting interview on other sites.

Practically all of us should be familiar with

ACTS 20:35  It’s better to give than receive.


LUKE 6:38 NIV Give, and it will be given to you.

MATTHEW 7:12 NIV Do to others what you would have them do to you.

For all practical purposes these two quotes can easily be applied to this subject matter. I saying this because I’ve found it many cases this has been proven to be true.

Depending on how adept you are in doing what it takes to produce a decent interview and presentation of the interview it might take a bit of time. And although you weren’t asked about it a nice gesture would be to offer the individual who had interviewed you a interview in return. This can also be applied when you’ve been given an opportunity to do a guest blog post or having a book you’ve written being profiled/spotlighted.

If you’re going to do an interview you’ll want to create one where those reading it will get to know something about the author, a book they’ve written, and a few things about their writing.

In my last status report I mention that I’m planning to return in about in two weeks to something I used to do and had enjoyed doing it; which is interviewing authors on my blog here and on WordPress.

I found/updated the list of questions I’ll using when I start interviewing authors again.  Here’s the list and if you’re interested in starting to interview authors yourself you’re free to use this list; and feel free to make any changes so the list will be something you’ll feel comfortable in using.

Please introduce yourself.

Tell us about your latest published novel.

Can you give us an excerpt from one of your favorite scenes in your latest novel?

In your latest novel, who’s your favorite character male/female? Tell us why.

What was the inspiration for your latest novel?

How did you decide on the title for the book?

Do you have any current writing endeavors? What are they?

Do you consider yourself to be a plotter or a pantser?

What made you decide to become an author?

Do you have a schedule for the amount of time to write, write/answer emails, and market/promote your book[s]?

Do you read books outside the genre you write in? What are they?

What must you have around you when you write; food, drink, music, etc?

When you were an aspiring author you needed advice, what advice would you give to an aspiring author in those shoes today?

If there’s anything else you’d like to briefly tell us about your book, your writing, or yourself.


Where can we find your book?

Where can we find you on:


Are there any other internet sites would you like to tell us about?

As separate attachments please include the cover for your book, and a photo you would everyone to identify you with?

THANKS for your time in allowing me to interview you.

I won’t be advertising my return to interviewing for two weeks so as one of my followers if you’re interested in interviewing me I’ll be happy to return the gesture with a choice between an interview, book spotlight/profile or a guest blog post.


This week my status report will be brief.

The drought of not receiving the books I’ve won through the giveaways I’ve, the vast majority of which are the e-books I’ve won through the giveaways I’ve entered on LibraryThing has returned, and is now worse than ever. In addition, I’ve not found any books which has interested me enough to download for free from the KINDLE Amazon store. While on one hand it has allowed to take a “vacation” from reviewing books, it has also upset my daily routine as far as everything is concern.

I’m planning to return in about in two weeks to something I used to do and had enjoyed doing it; which is interviewing authors on my blog here and on WordPress.

Lastly, my dear OH, the home attendant we have and myself are going on a bus trip to a dinner theatre for a matinee performance; but unfortunately the name of the show and its location has escaped me at the moment since we made the reservation several weeks ago.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


How many times have we heard stories where a man or woman, or even someone reading this review, have to make a decision has to who they’re going to marry. Would it be someone they truly love and there’s a definite passion which exists between the two; or would it be some patriarch/matriarch who for the sake of family will decide which individual their child will marry. Such is the situation we have in the storyline for this novelette/short story.

On one side we’ve got a handsome bear shifter billionaire Orson who has everything a woman could want -- money, looks.  On the other we’ve got a curvaceous, shy woman by the name of Casey who is happens to be self-conscious about the way she looks, she’s also happens to be an excellent cook who is trying to start a catering business which is the venue through which these two happened to meet.   

While Orson is definitely attracted to the human Casey, his father, the bear shifter clan’s Alpha is steadfast about his marrying another shifter,  Cleo. Luckily, neither one desires to have an arranged marriage forced upon them.

I love reading stories like these, especially when the author has used their writing skills to develop the characters as well as the storyline into such a compact space. Will love or dedication to family win in the end, I’m not going to reveal, so you’ll have to the 5 STARS I’ve given this story yourself to find out.  

I received an e-book copy for this book through an internet giveaway and the above has been my honest opinion.

US:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A19QLCLVPLZH0B


I find it amazing many serial killer have existed in our society, serial killer who have vanished into the history of serial killers here in the United States and elsewhere, who more the most part have faded into the history of sadistic, heinous murders.

Unlike most of the individuals covered so far by the author, an examination, as Mr. Rosewood wrote, In fact, an examination of Wilder reveals that in many ways he lived a charmed life: he had plenty of money and material possessions, was respected by his neighbors and colleagues, and was popular with women. It was this combination of attributes which allow his victims to become an easy prey for Wilder’s depravity.

If there were no financial reasons for Wilder to kill and with apparently no physical damage to his brain, then the only possibility which remains is a psycho-sexual disorder.

Once again Mr. Rosewood has cut to the chase to give his readers the story of what made each of the serial killers covered in his series tick, especially when it came to their psychopathology. Having written commentary type items for several years for a community newspaper I can see the same kind of improvement I’ve had made during that time as I see in the author as his series of books have progressed since the first one. This is the same kind of improvement everyone makes the more they do something repeatedly.

Wilder, unlike the rest of the killers covered by the author, had a relatively, as I’ve said before, a relatively charmed life. He never served any time behind bars due to technicalities, witnesses refusing to testify, or the judges showing sympathy towards him.

For once again giving his reader an informative insight and story of another serial killer I’ve given the author 5 STARS for his endeavor here. I had a mobi.file of this book in return for my honest review.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


I know it’s been a while since my last update, but aside from the reviews and marketing/promotional ideas I’ve been posting the drought of non-receipt of the books I’ve won continues. I now have about 9 items I haven’t receipt yet. Two of the items I did receive I couldn’t post any reviews for; one had been due to the fact it had consisting of merely an introduction of the characters in a series of illustrated children’s books which were to follow, the second had been a story of woman’s making a success out of her life but culminated with a request to participate/buy into a program she’d developed from her experience.

As I had written in a blog post back around October 2014 when I made the decision to become a Book Reviewer as my 2nd second career since I retired back in February 2010:

“I  DON’T ACCEPT requests to review books. I only review those books I’ve won through the various internet giveaways I enter, or those I’ve personally bought."
The majority of the books I’ve gotten from the Amazon KINDLE Store have been free downloads. Unfortunately some of the authors of the free downloads I’ve gotten don’t have any presence on the internet, Twitter, FaceBook, GoodReads, etc., so anyone reviewing/reviewing their books have no way of contacting them.

If anyone is interested in checking out ALL of the reviews I’ve written you’re invited to visit my Amazon Profile at:

My dear OH I’m happy to say is continuing to improve, so much so we’re going to an afternoon matinee performance at a dinner theatre in New Jersey, along with a home attendant we’re using. Other than that I’ve been slightly under the weather with a mild stomach virus. I also became discouraged when a Thunderclap I had running failed to reach its goal of 100 supporters after three weeks. I’m determined to have my next be successful.

Anyway, right now, due to a sudden influx, I’ve got three books I’m now reading/reviewing. Be prepared as I’ll be posting all three reviews at the same time.

To all my followers who happen to be mothers, I hope your day will be a very happy one.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I’ve so much wanted to do these posts on a weekly basis, but with things being the way they are, this didn’t come to pass. From this point going forwards I’m still going to post them but on a somewhat irregular basis.

One way to get additional exposure is to make yourself available for author interviews, guest posts of something you’ve written on a topic regarding something related to writing of the marketing/promotion of books.

If you’ve gotten accepted to be interviewed be prepared to answer questions which dwell into your background, books you’ve published, current projects, etc.  Don’t be afraid to answer questions honestly as the followers for the blog you’re being interviewed for are eager to learn more about you and the other individuals being interviewed.

Many times those doing the interview will give you a set of questions and then allow you to selection a certain number of them to answer; in addition, they might allow you to ask a question and then answer it yourself.

Since many of the questions being asked in interviews are asked over and over again, the best thing to do is to have these answers in a WORD Document and then copy/paste them any time that question has been asked.

You should also have available a copy of your book’s cover and a headshot readily available so they can be pasted into your interview. In addition, try to have a document file which lists all of the links to your sites you’d like to have others contact you.

While I do have a listing of my links, I’m also on a site where I have all the information I want others to have about me consolidated in one place, which I can easily update. If you’re interested in seeing my site for this, you’re welcomed to check out:

If anyone is interesting in interviewing me or would like me to do a guest blog regarding my transition from writing non-fiction commentaries for a community newspaper to the writing of my first novel, a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost,” please feel free to contact me, and I’ll response as soon as I can [within 24 hours].

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I found this book to be a wonderful book for the NA [New Adult] romance genre as it show its young readers that life, more over that love is not all that they image it is. While it might be wonderful at first there’s a possibility it might end all of a sudden for a reason which could be hard for young girls to understand especially if this has been their first true love. Given the young age of the protagonist, chances are that the wound created by her first affair will take a long time to heal, if ever; thereby creating an important life lesson for when she matures as a real woman.

As I read this book I couldn’t help but hear Bonnie Tyler’s song from 1977, It’s a Heartache, playing in my mind. If you’re not familiar with this song check it out You Tube, and if you do, you’ll probably agree with me that a HEARTBREAK is a HEARTACHE.

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R31AII3JWQMSGX