Saturday, January 17, 2015


On January 15th I'd celebrated another birthday. I'm not telling my age but I'm life since I've retired and I'm enjoying my two second careers that of a Book Reviewer and that of an author/writer.

My career as a Book Reviewer my current is moving ahead quite nicely; my Amazon Reviewer Ranking is 19,672 which will hopefully increase, as more and more readers are finding my reviews helpful in determining whether or not they should buy a certain book.

On my birthday, my career as a Flash Fiction writer received a BIG shot in the arm.  My entry in the 2014 Short Fiction Writers Guild's Flash Fiction Contest won third place.
This is GREAT as my second book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” contains 100 Flash Fictions in which a majority consists of only FIVE SENTENCES, and the longest one less than 390 words

I was also named author/member of the week at a very supportive internet site, “Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules.  You’re invited to check it out at  If you decide to join - - Please mention my name.

I really wanted to start posting my reviews at the beginning of this week, but it looks like I’ll be doing it sometime later today.  And at this time this means I’ll be posting 8 reviews today which I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

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