Saturday, January 17, 2015


I bought a copy of this book to support a fellow member of the internet support group I belong to [Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules ]

Being a Book Reviewer affords the opportunity to choose to read/review books from practically every genre imaginable which is why I decided to go from reading my first real erotic romance to a children’s book with wonderful full color illustrations.

community of animal friends who live in an area known as Friendship Bog, where Gaffer is busy preparing for his own birthday discovers the shell he ALWAYS keeps next to him when he tells his famous stories is missing. When Pibbin finds out it’s missing, small that he is, sets on own his own to find this item, which he succeeds in locating and is able to retrieve it with the help of someone he never would have expected come to his aid.

Returning home he finds a friend, Leeper, who has gone missing for a long time. And even though he’s being held by a much larger animal, a beaver, as a personal toy, Pibbin’s size didn’t stop him from a successful rescue.

The wonderful aspect of the book is the way the author wrote this story; as its young readers are enjoying the story, they’re subliminally learning about such important life lessons as: friendship, courage, size and determination. The humanistic qualities Ms. Repp gives her characters and the perfectly matched illustrations for each chapter by Michael Swaim aids in the visualizations of the story in its young reader’s mind.

Although my OH and I have no children, I allowed my inner child to come to the surface to help me as I read this book and I’m therefore happy to give this book 5 STARS.


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