Saturday, January 17, 2015


I received a copy of this through a giveaway by the author on in return for my honest review of the book.

It’s a somewhat daunting feeling to be the first one to ever review a book, especially since no one has come before you to have any influence in any manner in formulating your review.

I found “Kickin’ Lenny Saves The Day” [Kickin’ Lenny #1] to be a totally delightful, age-appropriate reading experience; although I’d place the age range for this book at children between the ages of five to eight.

The book deals with the unfortunate time we live in, a time where students are relentlessly being bullied on by those who are older simply because they feel their younger victims would simply succumb to their taunts without any resistance.

Mr. Stubben’s writing style clearly communicates to its own readers that bullies can be intimidated just as easily by their young victims with no one really getting hurt, except for their pride. The book accomplishes this by not talking down to the child reading this book.

While a purist might say the book contains a very small handful of errors; the reality is the dialogue is how children, the ages of the characters in the book, actually speak; which aids in accomplishing the overall goal for the book.

I’m glad the author has allowed his inner-child [Lenny’s three year old brother] to be the POV in which this book has been written as it adds a certain reality to the story children can easily relate to.

I’m looking forwards to reading the next book in the planned series by the author; and for his efforts, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

Robin Leigh Morgan is the author of “I Kissed a Ghost,” a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel as well as the author of "Micro Fiction - An Anthology."

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