Saturday, January 17, 2015


This is the second time I read anything written by Ms. Black. The first had been “The Hunted.” As I said in my review back then that I’ll be adding this book to my TBR; my only regret is I didn’t decide to read it sooner.

“Long Stories Short” is a collection of ten short stories written by this author, of which, “The Hunted” is one of them, none of the other stories disappointed me. 

To paraphrase what I said in my review for “The Hunted”:

As you read her stories you’re immediately sucked into each one. Ms. Black through her writing skills is able in each to create a mental picture of what’s happening; all the sights, smells, and dialogue. All of the stories have the ability, if it’s done right, to be expanded into a novella. In all of the short stories in the book Ms. Black succeeds in giving her readers an unexpected surprise twist at the end of each one, which definitely adds to the enjoyment of reading each one.

I’m therefore not hesitating in giving this book 5 STARS.

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