Sunday, November 10, 2013


As I wrote on Friday, with my OH home for this week my ability to write a chapter a day would be almost impossible and I’ve been correct again. From Friday until Saturday I only wrote about three pages. However, today, with the change of weather we stayed home and I had a wonderful marathon session of writing for about six hours writing nine pages for a total of twelve and approximately 3,825 words for the chapter I’ve just finished.
Chapter 24 is the longest I’ve written so far and it’s also one of the most important ones.  It is in this chapter that Jessica tells Emily, the head nurse on Bill’s ward and alumnus of the high school they went to, how Bill and she met.
In this chapter we hear about Jessica’s first experiences with Bill’s innate ability to read her thoughts, and the warm, secure feeling she gets every time he embraces her. 
Not only has this chapter been the longest and one of the most important ones, it has also been the most difficult.  After I’d finished my first draft I noticed it had been nearly pure dialogue without a trace of a narrative. I had also written it in the first person which I found somewhat hard to follow as I read through the entire chapter. This meant a total rewrite consisting of changing the POV, adding a narrative, allowing us to hear Jessica’s thoughts on what’s happening, as well as a change in the dialogue itself.
Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day so I’ve got OH home for one more day before things will return to their former crazy normalcy.

My Total Manuscript Count now stands at:
Chapters = 24
Pages = 167
Words = 48,955

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