Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I should have done this by last Friday; however I became totally engrossed in my endeavor to complete the manuscript for my second romance novel by the end of November. In the last six days I’ve written eight chapters containing forty-nine pages and approximate 14,150 words; making the total my manuscript to be 21 chapters, 143 pages and 41,750 words.

With my OH home since yesterday and not scheduled to return to work until this coming Tuesday. This means I’ll be out and about each day, losing the time I might have been able to devote to my current writing endeavor. Anyway, sitting down at my computer to check my emails I realized I almost forgot about my response to Lillie McFerrin’s – “Five Sentence Flash Fiction” prompt for this week of “ERASED”

The Dream Continues

E d had always dreamt of becoming an astronaut as long as he could remember.
R ealization of this came true when he reached his twenty-ninth birthday.
A las, being the show-off he is, he couldn’t resist the offer to finally jump out of an airplane to get the feeling like a bird soaring through the sky, being held up solely by the air below his body.
S uddenly the air died and disappeared causing him to go blank for a moment, a moment in which he couldn’t find the ripcord.
ED now, his dream being forever ERASED from the world of possibilities, can only sit in his wheelchair to watch the spacecraft he should have been on takeoff; yet he still dreams of becoming the astronaut of his youth, but this time he’d be piloting is spacecraft from the seat of his wheelchair.

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  1. Sad that Ed's dream could take off but Ed is a brave soul and dreams even from the confines of a wheel-chair.