Friday, November 1, 2013


As I stated yesterday I would be providing regular updates on the writing of my second romance novel.

Help today I've done considrably than I had first anticipated. To start with the entire morning got spent going to an orthopedist regarding the trigger finger I had in the pinky of my left hand.  It's an annoying condition where the first joint first sticks then quickly snaps into the correct position.  The treatment a quick injection of Cortizone right into the base of the tendon for the finger involved in the palm after the area has been sanitized with an iodined [?] solution and then numbed by using a spray which "freezes" the area.

Anyway, by the time I got home and ate my lunch it was already 1:00 PM [ET] when I began to write.  And by around 4:00 PM I had completed another chapter consisting of five single-spaced 6"x9" formatted pages with about 1,400 words.

Manuscript Count now stands at:
Chapters = 15
Pages = 103
Words = Approximately  30,050

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