Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Monday has come and gone and my OH, with the Election Day holiday from work today and Veteran's Day next Monday, has taken a few additional days off to have a decent week away from work and we can spend entire days together.

Hopefully with my OH home I still will be able to keep to my goal of writing at least one chapter a day for my current romance manuscript. I know I might have a stuff time going through and responding to my emails the way I usually do.

Anyway, yesterday I once again met my minimum writing goal of one chapter. This one consisted of six pages and contained approximately 1,670 words. Remember, these are 6"x9" formated pages, the same kind of page you usually see in books this size.

My Total Manuscript Count now stands at:
Chapters = 19
Pages = 126
Words = Approximately 36,600

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