Tuesday, December 23, 2014


On Sunday I finally got around to posting three book reviews I had already posted on my four usual book sites here on my blog, and I still have one to post here [Book Review # 43]. For some reason I had to rewrite my original review several times before it would be accepted by Amazon’s computer screening process.

Besides reading/reviewing these four books, I’ve been involved with several personal matters I’ve been delaying and delaying. Yes, authors do have lives outside of being a struggling author.

With these things finally out of the way I got involved with promoting my two books, as well as giving my share of supporting to the support group I belong to. This is the reason why my weekly status report is late in getting posting.

For the rest of the week I’m looking at reading/reviewing the children’s book [real paperbacks] I’ve got piled in the work area of my apartment.

With my wonderful OH finally retiring, I don’t know yet how much of my schedule will be changing forever, but a realignment will be definite occurrence.

I hope everyone who will be celebrating their holiday will have a wonderful one with their family and friends.

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