Saturday, December 13, 2014


As I read this book, the first book I reviewed soon after I declared myself to be a Book Reviewer, “” by Rene D. Schultz, came into my mind. In that review I wrote “Who can't recall the horrors of the dates you had, many of which you'd sooner forget, before getting married for the first. For the dates you can recall, didn't you give each one of those dates a label of sort to "remember" them by? If you did and you can relate to what Rene had experienced when she decided to re-enter the dating and doing the same thing. Read this book, and see how many of her dates had been similar to ones you had experienced yourself.”

Hopefully by reading “Looking for Mr. Right,” you’ll be able to by-pass some of these experiences and disasters.

I feel this book has been written in an informative as well as an entertaining manner; which added to the enjoyment of my in reading it. The book addresses the issues most women are concerned about when it comes to the “The Dating Game.” The information this book seems to indicate it has been researched quite well, and the exercises it contains are quite useful is realizing what you need to know in order to attract your Mr. Right.

While this is a book which can easily be read in a single sitting of about an hour, you should reduce your reading speed so you won’t miss anything the author has to say, so read it a second time. I’d read this book twice over the course of three hours since I’d received the book, which included a break to have my dinner.

I was about to give this book 4 STARS, but how could I forget this book had been written by a MALE with a MALE’s POV; which is why I’m giving it 5 STARS.

This review has been my honest opinion, which I wrote in return for the free KINDLE version I received.

If you feel my review has made you interested in possibly buying the book.  Please say YES at the end of the review on Amazon.  THANKS.

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