Saturday, December 13, 2014


I bought a copy of this book primarily because the author and I belong internet support group “Rave Reviews” http/; as well as it being a relatively quick read.

As I read this book I felt somewhat like a voyeur, looking into the lives of several individuals while being stranded at an airport during a heavy snowstorm, through the various isolated snippets being told by them. Being a child of the 1950’s the book reminded me a little of the television show Candid Camera,” with Alan Funt; except the incidents here weren’t always funny. Instead, I experienced, like other readers will, a different emotion for each of the snippets I read.

Unfortunately, what has pulled my opinion of this book down has been the detailed description of each of the characters she has written about in her introduction. I’d been told numerous times, in writing, authors should allow their readers to formulate their own mental pictures of what any given character looks like. For example in the introduction to her book, Ms. Cowan wrote that:
Sue is around 5’6”, brown hair, outgoing, quick to laugh. John is around 6’, black hair, quiet but friendly.

To me Sue is around 5’2”, has brilliant green eyes with long auburn straight hair going halfway down her back. And John is around 5’10’, quite muscular with beautifully coiffed blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Since I didn’t read enough concerning each of her characters, I couldn’t really form an opinion of them; besides this, nowhere else through her book does she mention their relationship as a newlywed couple of husband/wife, which leaves to wonder how important it was for her telling us this.

In the end I giving this book 3 STARS.



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