Sunday, December 14, 2014


After the exhausting week I had last week I decided to take a little breather and basically relax as much as possible for two days.  This didn’t mean I avoided going on the internet, I did; but merely to keep my email boxes for my three email addresses as clear as possible.  Other than quick responses I sorted by mail for quicker responses for when I got back into action on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I posted a review which I’d said last time I’ve already posted on the four sites I usually do:,, and I’d also received a comment for this review by the author himself who said that he loved that I wrote: “…as if we'd been sitting in a class given by the author of the book." And that he considers himself to be an inveterate teacher and that his how-to-write-memoir books to be "portable workshops." It’s a nice feeling to have the author of a book you’ve reviewed to take time out of their busy schedule to compliment you for what you’ve written.

In additional to this review, this week I’ve been EXTREMELY BUSY as a Book Reviewer. In the past week I’ve read and reviewed an impressive additional five books. And at the present time on my Shelfari bookshelf I’ve got four books I still need to read. Three of them are for the REAL BOOKS I’ve won from the giveaways on GoodReads, which I’ve yet to receive, and one is for an e-book.

I can see my status as a Book Review is growing because my ranking as a reviewer on Amazon is now #53,477, so THANKS to those of you who’ve gone and said YES at the end of my reviews there.

As you can probably imagine, because of the above, I haven’t made any movement in any of my other endeavors. But so be it, I loved having done what I did this past week.

This week will probably be more of the same; especially with the Holiday Buying Season still in full swing.

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