Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is the book review I spoke about not being posted earlier.

I’d received a free digital copy of this book in return for my honest review.

Why would I say something like this, especially since none of us, even when we were children, like being lectured to? Let me explain.

I found the book to be quite informative, especially to aspiring authors who’ve been frustrated in writing their current endeavors. The exercises it contains are helpful in stimulating the creative juices we have inside those little grey cells of our minds.

However, I found “reading” this book to be somewhat difficult; that is until I realized one thing. This is not a book one can simply read. This is a book one has to listen to, just as if we’d been sitting in a class given by the author of the book, listening to him read the contains of the book to us.

While the double-spacing helps makes the book, given the material easy to read, the unjustified right margin made it somewhat distracting.

As for myself, I’ve found using a prompt word with a limitation of how much one can write to be quite useful in kick-starting one’s creativity. And compiling ones I’d already written as well as new ones allowed me to self-publish my second book.

So at the end of the day and after mulling all the attributes for the book I’m giving this book 4 STARS.

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