Monday, December 8, 2014


This past Monday has been a day I’ve anxiously waited for, ever since I typed the final period of my latest book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology.” My hands actually shook as I, with my eyes closed, ripped opened the package the UPS guy had handed me the package the new PROOF COPY for the book came in at 8:00 PM. I opened the book and stuck my nose right against the pages so I could inhale the luscious aroma of success from the ink on the freshly printed pages.

I immediately logged into my CreateSpace account to release the paperback edition of the book, which I followed by ordering the KINDLE conversion of the book directly through Amazon.

Both the paperback and KINDLE editions of the book became available by December 2, 2014. I also enrolled this in the KDP Select program. The best thing of all regarding the cost factor for self-publishing my second book, aside for my time; is there’s been NO COST !!! Experience is a WONDERFUL thing to have.

Here is the link for the KINDLE edition [US] of the book 

As you might have guess with all the first week of promoting I’ve done it allowed me little time to do almost anything else. Anything else doing that is except for my holiday shopping for gifts with the mid-week specials at the malls. So you can imagine how exhausted I became. I didn’t even have time to post the review for the one book I’d been able to do here on my book after having posted it on the four sites I usually post my reviews on.

Right now I’ve got two books I still need to read/review from my GoodReads giveaway wins; plus three books I’m still waiting to receive.

In regards to my anthology of Haiku, I’ve decided to take the advice I received last week about removing the titles for each of the ones I’ve already written. As I did, I wound up tweaking some and deleting others, so at the same time I’ve got a total of 98 out of the 250 I plan to have in this anthology.

This is a beginning of a new week, and another week of promoting not only my newest book, but the first real book that I’d self-published as well. Hopefully, the rearrangement of my previously daily schedule of doing things will help facilitate the greater productivity I’d love to have.

Watch for my special promotional offer on my two books coming soon.

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