Friday, December 25, 2015


I know I’m late in posting this but I’ve been EXTREMELY business trying to clear up the backlog of books on my TBReviewed pile before Christmas. Right now I only have 1 left from that pile.

Since my last Status Report I’ve read a total of about 16 books and have posted my reviews for each of these books on Amazon / GoodReads / LibraryThing and Shelfari as well as my blogs on Blogspot/Wordpress.  I’ve also written 4 reviews for books I’ve won/received from The Romance Review, either from their Year End Splash Party or their website in return for my honest reviews.

So far this year, as you can by blog entries, I’ve read and reviewed 163 books from a wide variety on genres.

On my birthday next month [January 15] I will become eligible for Medicare [Yes, I’m that YOUNG :-D :-D :-D].

Having worked for the City of New York the time came for me to change my hospital/health insurance so both me and my dear OH can each have our own polices the last week in November.

In December while I’d received my new insurance cards my OH didn’t receive any. For some reason an error had occurred which forced me to go back to the office which handles the hospital insurance for EVERY retired NYCity Employees to correct the problem. Yesterday I checked the interactive response and verified my OH’s insurance is now active but since the office was closed I couldn’t obtain a policy #. Once I call office for the insurance tomorrow I can finally obtain a policy and start calling the doctor’s visits we went for; and reschedule appoints which got cancelled because of the lack of insurance.
Feeling plumb exhausted I decided to merely rest for a few days, but this caused me to realize today the I forgot to do an entry for the following:

December 20th was the 3rd anniversary of my fulfilling my dream of becoming a romance author, so to celebrate both of my books are in KINDLE Countdown mode until 12/26:

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