Saturday, December 12, 2015


I found this book a delight in getting in the holiday mood as I drank my mid-day mug of black hazelnut coffee, sweet. 

Sandy, like some people, hates how everyone participates in the commercialization the holiday season has become and have forgotten what the holiday is all about. He even resents being reminded about it by his wife; but she’s doing it more for their grandkids than anyone else.

Sandy’s boss, Jude, at the ski school where he works comes up with the wonderful idea of having all their instructors dress up as Santa so they can hear the Christmas wishes their patrons have. While there no three spirits in this story to help with Scrooge’s transformation. As he hears the students assigned to him talk about the holiday and their wishes, Sandy slowly begins to realizes he’s the one who been brainwashed by the overly commercialization and that there are still others who hold to the true meaning of the holiday and its value the way he remembers them to be.

For having been GOOD in writing this story, this Santa’s Helper is giving this author, 5 STARS.

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