Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I obtained a PDF.file copy of this book through a LibraryThing giveaway the author recent had and the following in my honest opinion.

While the author did what appears to be a thorough job in researching the subject matter of LIES, which included giving his readers a historical respective as well as some psychological reasoning for people lying. I’m somewhat dubious regarding the subtitle for the book which states that this book is THE MOST BRILLIANT BOOK EVER WRITTEN.

To me this statement is one of self-praise, and self-praise is no praise at all.  The intent of self-praise is to elevate something to a level higher than it actually is. In my opinion indulging in self-praise is insulting the intelligence of those you are trying to impress, which is tantamount to telling a lie. There are literally hundreds of books from various genres which are considered to be brilliant by critics so what makes this book THE MOST BRILLIANT.

With all things considered, the best I can give this book is 3 STARS.

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