Tuesday, December 8, 2015


What do you do when you find yourself in a painful relationship which is going nowhere? You leave it of course and hope to find someone who’d heal your broken heart.

This is what Jake and Emma Rand did and they now share a sublime life together in the foothills of Casper Mountain, in Wyoming. However their serenity is broken the day when they discover a frozen woman’s body literally at their doorsteps.

When their friend, the sheriff gets stymied during his investigation, the Rands decide to become a pair of amateur sleuths and work to untangle the facts and evidence. The two love working together as a team on a single goal, far more than the adversary life they’ve come out of.

The descriptive style the author used in the writing of this and sprinkling in of historical facts at the right points in the story adds to the charm in reading this books. If you’re able to pick up on the skillfully placed clues you’ll find the “surprise” answer as to who the murderer makes sense.

For having written a wonderful detective mystery story without a smidgen of sex, I’m giving this endeavor by Ms. Adams 5 STARS.

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