Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BOOK REVIEW # 2015-120 - VIPER

I received a copy of this book after requesting it from The Romance Review website, after downloading it I didn’t really want to wait reading so I read it as I ate my lunch.

I doubt if I would even want to fantasize about being in Scarlet’s shoes; getting kidnapped off the street to become a mere sex toy for a motorcycle gang and to live a life where I would constantly be brutalized, humiliated and raped.

And if I did fantasize, I would long for an Alpha Male like Viper to come along to rescue me and treat me like a woman should. For some reason after this guy fought so hard to claim me as a prize in a poker game, I would have thought I would get some sort of tender romance back in my life. Perhaps, he’s just stubborn regarding the possibilities which exist between us. For one thing I knew given what I’ve been through, I doubt if I could never return to the old wholesome me; but at the same time I wondered if I could become the “old lady” of the leader of another gang?

For allowing me to experience a sort of forbidden fantasy, and for creating scenes and dialogue which I felt have been quite vivid I’m giving Ms. Smith 5 STARS.

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