Sunday, September 20, 2015


I received a free mobi.file [KINDLE] copy of this book for having subscribed to this author’s newsletter and the following is my honest opinion for it.

As a Book Reviewer, who doesn’t accept any requests to do reviews the bad thing about having gotten a book like this is that it’s not only the fourth book in this series, it’s my inability to return to read this entire intriguing family saga.

Any woman who’s got a man like Jed knows she’s now completely reliant on him to take care of her every need, from financial support to satisfying her in bed. And if he’s stubborn about not accepting assistance from the other male members in his family who are rich, her admiration towards him increases proportionally, especially if she’s given up her career as a lawyer to become a stay-at-home mom.

All is fine until misfortune raises its evil head, causing Diana’s and Jed’s relationship to be severely tested as secret after secret keep popping up, almost like trying to plug holes in a dam without enough equipment, after he gets injured falling off the barn. How can their relationship survive the gauntlet it’s being forced to endure?

This author has done a marvelous job in creating the full range of emotions she wants her readers to get, as well as getting them to be sucked into this page turning novella, so they wind up reading it in one sitting, which I basically what I wound up doing. For this reason I’m giving Ms. Eckhart 5 STARS.

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