Saturday, April 27, 2013


Another week has come and Lillie McFerrrin [ ]has given another Five Sentence Fiction prompt for us to contend with. For this week she has given us SHADOWS; and after thinking about it for the past two days, I’ve come up with the following and I’d love to hear your comments.
SHeryl has always been the nervous, and working the night shift at the all night diner in the warehouse district never helped.
And anytime she would hear a story on the radio of another woman being brutally raped her mind went wild thinking she’d be his next victims.
Damn, she would think, wondering when this would stop and the sicko get arrested.
OWning no car meant she had to walk the two lonely blocks to catch the all night bus home.
S hadows is what she feared most; because strange SHADOWS meant someone could be walking behind her, someone ready to possibly have his way with her until she would be safe on her bus going home.


  1. It's interesting that shadows can be both comforting and chilling. I feel Sheryl's terror as she considers the absolute worst that could happen.

    1. THANKS for stopping by and leaving your comment

  2. I don't know if all women have this fear (or some level of anxiety) when alone briefly where shadows lurk...or even getting on an elevator where a sole male is already there. *sigh* Felt your writing.

    1. THANKS for leaving your comment. If you sensed the fear Sheryl had then I've succeeded it communicating the emotion felt felt going home after work.

  3. Creepy story and I know the feeling. My mother constantly tries to warn my younger sister of walking late at night in dark streets; our street is quite dark and I hate that.
    Good story and I like how you mixed the prose with the acrostic form

    Keep on writing.

  4. THANKS for the feedback and I'm glad you got the message/feelings I endeavored to create of women working late in order to pay the bills and survive.
    If you're not already a follower, I'd like to invite you to become one. ;-)