Friday, April 12, 2013


Another Thursday has come and gone, and yesterday as usual Lillie McFerrin [ ] has given another prompt word for which we're required, if we so choose, to endeavor to write a Five Sentence Fiction; and for this week the prompt word is: "EDGE."

After giving this prompt some thought I wrote a Five Sentence Fiction entitled "An Eternity Together" using the meaning of "BRINK" for the prompt.
Would love to hear your comments.

E dgar has always been a daredevil.
D oreen has always been an extreme cautious individual.
G eographical opposites, yet they have always seem to have made for each other in more ways than anyone could have ever imagined.
E ternity must have always planned that they’ll always be together especially after almost 75 years of being happily married to each other, albeit with lots of suffering and caring for the past three months.
When the time came for one of them to come to the EDGE of dying, the other felt the same thing; for that night they went to sleep holding their hands, ever more to see the dawn of the next day.

If you noticed, once again I've added the element of using an acrostic in my endeavor.


  1. What a beautiful story, and I did notice the acrostic. Well done.

  2. Opposites attract as your story shows us. I'm pleased that Edgar and Doreen found everlasting peace together. Nicely written tale of love and it's responsibilities.

    1. Hi Barbara
      THANKS for your feedback and compliment. Not only do I like the fact having to be restricted to a mere five sentences to tell a complete story; I've found having been restricted to a 1,000 words in writing commentaries for a community newspaper during my somewhat younger days has helped me to write these.

      Have a GREAT SUNDAY !!! :-)

  3. It's a nice story even without the acrostic. Sort of a modern, bittersweet version of the old Jack Spratt rhyme, dealing with love instead of food.

    1. THANKS for you feedback and compliment. It's appreciated.
      Have a GREAT WEEK. !!!