Saturday, August 13, 2016


In the past several weeks I’ve been pushing myself quite a bit so this week I decided to take a small break and rest my weary mind. As a result I only reviewed two books, one of which I posted here, I made a sketchy outline for the rest of my adult Contemporary entitled “His Darkest Secret,” and wrote an additional 1,400 words for. Two of my requests to read/review a book on The Romance Reviews [TRR] website got fulfilled; they turned out to be short stories which I’ve already and posted my report on that site.  Once the review gets approved, I’ll be posting in on all of the regular on-line sites; since I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with reading mostly reviews here, I won’t be posting them here.

I would love to add interviews and spotlights of books to the types of postings I do here, so if anyone is interest in either of these two items PLEASE send me an email at  SUBJECT:  I’D LIKE TO _____________.  I will be creating a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED listing to help me keep track.



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