Sunday, August 14, 2016


There are far, far too many women who have gone through abusive relationships with guys that have finally ended in divorce, for which she should now be extremely grateful for. There are far, far too many women whose relationships have ended abruptly with devastating results; and what they’ve thought would be their HEA turned out to be an unfortunate false alarm, a false alarm which they’re now blaming themselves for. The problem is all too often for many of these women, I hate to say this, is their persistence in making the same mistake by going after the same kind of.

Ms. DeLoach has done a wonderful job in relating her own her divorce and four crushing catastrophes; but unlike so many other women she refused to become bitter about any of them. She knew what she had to, and what she wants the readers of this book to do now.

If you’ve ever been in what you’ve thought had been a wonderful relationship which suddenly turned sour, you probably must have wondered what you did wrong.  The truth is the only thing you’ve done wrong has been, not really knowing what you want in a relationship. It could been looking for the image of your father in your desired guy, or it might have been refusing to give up on the image you’ve had for your true love ever since you’ve been a teenager.

The author’s intention in putting this book together is for it to serve as a guide for women who have been down the same road which she has had to endure, and not to have them go through the same difficulties. In order to move forwards and possibly find the HEA they’ve been looking for so long, women need to first get over their breakups and then they need to discover what their truly need to look in obtaining their long desired HEA. But in order for this book to what the author wants it to do, women have to be willing to accept the advice of someone who’s been in their shoes.

For having written a manual which can possibly help millions of women overcome their hurt and move on, I’m happy to this effort by Ms. DeLoach 5 STARS.

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