Thursday, August 4, 2016


I originally wanted to post this Status Report in the morning of August 1, 2016 but in my eagerness complete what I’ve mentioned below. I had completed writing this post like all my previous reports in WORD, but then I forgot to actually post it.

You’ve probably noticed in the past week since my last Status Report aside from the one review I’ve posted today, I’ve only done one other book review. The reason wasn’t that I didn’t have any books I needed/wanted to read/review, it was I decided to concentrate all my efforts in completing a re-read/editing/revision of the first of WIPs which has remained dormant since my dear OH had gone into the hospital in March 2015. This was amazing how many little errors I’ve found using the new set of eyes I had gained not looking at this manuscript for just over 15 months.

I completed this endeavor this past Sunday afternoon in which I’d found over 450 tweaks/additions I had to make; which resulted in my adding approximately 2,400 words, splitting one chapter into two, and changing the format of each page. I should point out when I write my manuscripts, I format page so it would like an actual page of a book [9”x 6”] along with the appropriate margin settings. As it stands, my adult Contemporary romance novel entitled “His Darkest Secret” has 29 Chapters, with 200 pages and approximately 50,500 words. I believe with an additional 4/5 chapters and about 8,500 words I should be able to type that elusive final period of my manuscript.

I’m looking forwards to completing the two interviews I’ve received and revising my quest blog post for another posting. I’m still available if anyone wants to interview me or for me to do my guest post.

Last weekend my dear OH and I went to a large mall to do some shopping for clothes which both of us desperately needed to get, but needless to say we still need to buy some more clothes; and as you can imagined this means spending a lot of money at one time, instead over a period of several months.

All I need to do now is to promote my two books like crazy so I can raise the funds I need to have the manuscript edited and then to self-published this WIP and hopefully to a re-editing/re-release of my debut MG/YA romance novel. It would be wonderful if I could just win these funds from a lottery drawing. I know this is wishful thinking; but I can still dream, can’t I?

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