Sunday, July 17, 2016


I won a signed paperback copy of this from the author on a giveaway she had on her FaceBook page and the following is my honest opinion.

Have you ever been or have known someone who has had no time in their lives for anything else but taking care of those who are near and dear to them, and putting all of their dreams especially those of  romance on the back burner?

If you do, then you can totally relate to Adam Walsh, a guy fate seems to like teasing. Why did I say teasing? What else would you call having his father die, followed by his mother coming down with Alzheimer’s and losing the memory of her family, and leaving the family business in hands? What else would call when these things causes his younger brother to become so problematic that he faces being thrown out of school if doesn’t change back to the way he was before? What else would you call it if the only solution to Adam’s problem with his brother is the school’s psychologist, Rebecca Day; the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, who happens to drop by his bar one night? And to this add Rebecca’s job being on the line, by seeing if she’s able to rehabilitate Connor and the rest of the teens under her watch, succeeding here will be her only salvation.

Karen Rock has taken these somewhat ominous fate cards and has crafted a wonderful romance story with just the right potpourri of sweetness and heat; and a bit of jealously/anger when Connor see his brother in a tender embrace with Rebecca causing him to sink to taking drugs and drinking alcohol, without regards to what it might do to her career and everything should her superiors find out.

I loved the manner in which the author describes where the areas in which the story takes place, not because it’s the area where she lives; but because it’s the area that for years my dear OH and I loved going to on vacation twice a year, too bad due to various family matters we haven’t been able to visit for the past 5/6 years. 

Will the issues Aiden has regarding his brother be resolved? But more important, will Rebecca and Aiden get the HEA they’ve always wanted?  Read this heartwarming story to find out.

For writing this endearing story and for making me somewhat homesick to visit this area again, I’m giving it 5 STARS.


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