Wednesday, July 13, 2016


With my TBReviewed pile waiting only to receive the books I’ve won from the various giveaways I’m continuously entering, so I decided to peruse the various free downloads being offered on Amazon, and I’m pleased that I chose this as it didn’t disappoint me.

Anyone who reads this book MUST keep in mind that it’s not written like a regular book with defined dialogues and narratives; but instead it’s diary-based with the writings of a young girl’s trials and tribulations and her “secret” inner thoughts regarding them, which is why you’ll find explanations of things in the storyline throughout the book. Mothers should try to remember what they wrote in their diaries, if they had one.

While Lily [short for Lilymandra] appears to all who see her as being a cute little 12 year-old, blonde-haired girl with freckles, she is in reality a 286 year-old witch. Lily has the power to “physically” step into a friend’s shoes so she could be with a boy she likes, a boy her friend Krystal once had as a boyfriend.  How many of you reading this wished you could have done that when you were young?

Lily knows what is right and what is wrong. So when she sees Tiffany, one of the school’s bad girl bullying her friend, Lily steps in, using her powers to tell the truth regarding another student while at the same time embarrassing herself. And in doing so the teaches about bullying, why it’s bad as well as what can/should be done to stop it.

The well-written storyline makes for a humorous/informative reading experience for girls between the ages about 9 – 13, and those who are still young at heart, which is why I’ve given Ms. Cullen and her book 5 STARS.  

NOTE: A handful of words/terms uses the British spelling.

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