Tuesday, August 11, 2015


As I mentioned last Monday my dear OH need to have hip surgery, luckily it was only a partial hip replacement and Friday evening got transfer to a REHAB facility far, far better than the previous one.

Friday began my work making sure everything which had been got put in place. The weekend practically nothing got done except for some Physical Therapy [PT]. Today I got to speak to the social worker for my dear, having to complete ALL the paperwork which needed to be signed, and discussing some additional matters so they’re in place when discharge time and a return to home comes.

As you can tell I’ve spent the last few days reviewing books, which helped to take my mind off things. My reviewer ranking on Amazon has hit a new low for me because as of August 10th ranking is at 7,449 with a 95% approval ranking based on 157 reviews.

I learned today that the RWA Anthology writing contest I entered is still having its entries reviews. With the results originally scheduled to be released towards the end of May, I beginning to get a wee bit antsy. But then I remind myself “Patience is a Virtue.”

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