Monday, August 3, 2015


I hit bottom on Friday, my dear OH, being antsy, decided to get out of the wheelchair without anyone watching now needs to get hip surgery, which is scheduled to be done today.

I’m trying to get on mind on something else; and with my finally being able to return to working on my WIPs now out the question, I’m going to concentrate all my efforts on reviewing books. And to have a supply of books to read, I’ve decided to start entering giveaways for e-books; which is something I’ve avoided, just call me old-fashioned, doing since I rather have a real book in my hands that I can snuggle up with in a reclining chair.

Unfortunately, because of what’s being happening these past several months, I can’t bring myself promote either of my two books; which is something I definitely must do before the end of this month.

THANKS for allowing me to rant here, as I need all the support I can get.


Robin Leigh Morgan

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