Saturday, August 8, 2015


I received a KINDLE Edition of this book through a giveaway in return for my honest opinion of it.

As I read this book the song “I’m Shy” from Once Upon a Mattress began playing in my head. I remembered watching on television first with Carol Burnett in the early 1970’s and then with Tracy Ullman a few years ago.

In this song Winnifred sings about her having an air of being confident but confesses it’s merely a mask she wears because she’s actually shy and that deep down inside she’s demure and pure.

This book does a wondrous job in helping those individual who confess to being shy get pass what is creating it and to develop an air of confident whether it’s real or a veil hiding the shyness which still exists inside them. It speaks the truth in describing the kind of individual introverts are, will surprise them in revealing the kind of powerful individual they truly are.

I must confess I’m basically a shy individual however in some areas of social life I appear not to be the wallflower I am, because those observing me are surprised by the knowledge I possess. The listing of strengths introverts have in Chapter 3 describes me almost to a “T”; especially Number 10, when it comes to doing the book reviews I write.

As I read Part 2 which deals with overcoming social anxiety and shyness by giving suggestions, and given what I wrote in the above I began to wonder how many so-called extroverts who have developed some of them to the nth degree are truly introverts in real life.

The self-examination questions the book asks does an accurate job in what it’s asking you to look at.

For helping those introverts who read this book to discover the reasons behind their plight and hopefully overcome it, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

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