Sunday, May 4, 2014


EGADS !!! As far as “His Darkest Secret”, my adult Contemporary is concerned; I’d been already to write the next chapter; but when I opened the file all the word count and the number of pages were correct, however the formatting had changed and I no longer had page numbers or the two headers I once had.  I guess this will be a week in which all the time I spent on this endeavor will be on correct the format on each page and replacing those missing components. The length for this endeavor remains at 40 Chapters, 284 pages with approximately 76,350 words.

In regards to The Secret of the Well, the sequel to I Kissed a Ghost, this week I’ve completed 2 Chapters, consisting of 10 pages and approximately 3,050 words. And with the change of font I’m using this brings to total for this manuscript to 12 Chapters, 46 pages and about 14,075 words, which according what length good length novella should be would make this about 40% complete.

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 94 items with the 2 new items I’ve written in the past week. This leaves me with only 6 more items to write for my goal of 100 Flash Fictions and the long process of self-editing begins before it is handed over to a second set of eyes.

“It Had All Been a Game” is still on the back burner.

This week if you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve posted 2 new interviews here on my blog. Please DO NOT REQUEST an interview as all my interviews are now by invitation only.

This week I became a member of the Twitter Support Team of a very supportive site called Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules []. I’d like to everyone who’s an author to check the site out. If, you decide to join please enter my name as the person who had referred you. THANKS

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