Saturday, May 10, 2014


By Dormaine G

This is an EXCELLENT YA Paranormal novel. I tend to stay away from first persons since I’ve found them to be lacking in getting you involved. However, with Dormaine endeavor here, I not only got sucked into the story; I got sucked into the psyche of Connor, the story’s main character and at times feeling I’ve become the character Dormaine has created.

It felt weird discovering that only I, but five of my best friends as well had all been adopted at about the same time and from the same place. In addition to this, we all began to discover each of us had strange abilities which we couldn’t explain. It came as a shock learning what we were, why we’ve been brought together, and the special reason for it all. It seems it’s due to the never ending story of good vs evil. If you’re interested in knowing all of the details, Connor by Dormaine G is a MUST READ !!!!

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