Thursday, May 15, 2014


For my response this week to Lillie McFerrin’s [] prompt word of “INNOCENCE” I decided to turn to some real fantasy for a change. 

A Prophecy Needs To Be Fulfilled 

Hundreds of years ago a banshee cursed everyone living in certain village by changing the color of their skin to either blue or yellow.

And with the curse came a prophecy of when the curse would at long last be lifted.

It required the innocence of two youths who’ve shared each other’s ghosts of a hundred years ago to find the hidden entrance to the “Land of Two Colors.”

The well hidden entrance to this realm is only available for a three day cycle around a full moon, and once entered, the prophecy must be fulfilled by the end of the third cycle of three or the curse shall forever more remain in effect.

Will these two youths who’ve entered this realm figure out what needs to be done before time runs out; the story is still running its course so only time will tell.


  1. Many such stories run deep in our country's history too, which carry their own innocence.. By the way, dear Robin, please forgive me for deleting the post for which you have taken time to read and comment, i didn't feel like editing it. Sorry, please don't take it as an offence. I am taking baby steps towards better blogging, and i wish to make my posts more readable. I have of thought of something new for the prompt, kindly read and advice me on it. Thanks in advance :)
    priya -

  2. Could a new and innocent approach save a world? Such an approach would surely be filled with the hope that a wounded world needs.
    My entry is here.

  3. A story with deep layers of meaning hidden beneath its simplicity.. Lovely.. True, this wounded world needs saving, and what better than the innocence and fire of youth?

  4. Interesting, and I can't help but wonder what inspired it.
    Here's mine:

    1. THANKS for stopping by and leaving your comment. You ask what inspired what I've written...well it's a YA Urban Fantasy I'm writing. What else could it be? Didn't I mention a banshee?

  5. @Shamunga

    THANKS for stopping by and leaving your comments. I never expected what I've written would receive such comments about the problems in our world today. What I've written is supposed to be a Fantasy.

    I guess sometimes I don't realize how much impact my simple words could make for those who read it,

  6. Sometimes the things we write, which take place in our own imaginations, parallel those which are or have already taken place in reality. A land of two colors makes me wonder, do those colors separate the people in that land as they do in lands and countries throughout the world? And perhaps innocence or purity are the only character traits which can mend the rift. Your story was very thought provoking and well written. God bless you!


    1. THANKS for your kind compliments. If you read my comment to McGuffy; it's a YA Urban Fantasy I've just begun to write. Perhaps I might use the insight you spoke about in your comment.

      Have a GREAT WEEK in whatever you do !!! :-) :-) :-)