Friday, December 5, 2014


Before you read my response to the prompt word of TRUST Lillie has given her readers to respond to this week, I must thank her.

For almost two years now, on almost a weekly basis, I’ve responded to her prompts, which on many occasions have helped me get over an incident of writer’s block I’d been experiencing in one of my writing endeavors. Lillie McFerrin has been the inspiration in my compiling the items in my second book, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” and I want to thank her now for that.


T he time came one day when Prince Michael had to decide which Princess he should marry

umor had it that Princess Michelle had actually slept with a peasant and had a child with him.

U rsula, a princess in a faraway kingdom, is so fat he wouldn’t be able to put his arms around her.

amantha, a princess in another faraway kingdom, had a heart of gold but is as ugly as ugly could be.

he unfortunate thing is that his father, the King, was on death’s door, but with no one he could TRUST to help him to make his decision, he now had to let his heart make the decision for him.

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  1. A different take on the prompt...Loved the story! :)

    1. This is what I love about Lillie’s prompt word each week, each of her readers manages to have a different take on it, which is especially true where the word as several meanings.

      I’m glad you’ve liked my endeavor this week.

      If you look at my response carefully, you’ll notice I’ve used the prompt word itself to form an acrostic, where the various letters of the word begin each of the five sentences we’re to respond with. I love trying to use this format because it adds to the level of difficulty in writing them. As you read each sentence you need understanding that as I wrote the first sentence and then each subsequent sentence that the number of words I can use, and have the FLASH FICTION story I’m writing make sense, decreases with each sentence.

      I'd love for you to check out my book where I've written more of these acrostics

    2. Right you are.That's the part I loved the ,most! I surely will check out your book.. :)
      Have a great weekend!

    3. THANKS for your kind support. Have a GREAT WEEKEND with your family as well ! ! ! :-) :-) :-) .

      I'll appreciate it if you would so kind as to share the link for my new book with your family and friends.

  2. in confusion, heart always comes to the rescue


    1. THANKS for stopping by and leaving your - - - I appreciate it,