Sunday, December 21, 2014


How many of us can remember the jobs we all had as teenagers? How can remember how we felt when we found we’ve just been fired? Naturally we all wanted to find another job, a job which would mean for many of us that we could at long last move away from the all inquisitive eyes of our parents.

Unfortunately as this story by Bruce A. Borders, eighteen year old Cynthia Holt has lost her job, which meant a return to a life under her father’s roof. When her mother found out about this she suggests to her daughter she should apply for a job at the assisted living facility she once worked at, naturally Cynthia cringes at hearing it, but subsequently agrees.

The facility in question had once been a sanitarium, or mental hospital in its early days; and with that came an list of horror stories regarding what had occurred there.

The most important instruction she received on her first day had been to totally ignore Room 913, which included talking about it with any of her co­-workers. Working there, she could interact with any of its residents, and soon began to develop a relationship with some of them. Apparently one of the residents had a few secrets he kept close to himself, and one of them had concerned the forbidden room.  

What is this secret? Is this resident more than what he appears to be? Does he know a secret regarding Cynthia? All of these questions are revealed as the story progresses to its conclusion. While I’d been somewhat happy with the ending, it did seem a little anti-climactic leaving a few questions seeming hanging there unanswered.

All-in-all the book had been an enjoyable quick read, which I completed in a single sitting, I’m giving this endeavor by Bruce A. Borders 4 STARS and hope to read more of his offerings.

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