Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Reading the first few lines of the book: “The big thing Jersey stockbrokers: we’re in cutthroat business. If we don’t keep our client names and their contact information secure, other brokers will pirate our business.” To this the fact his firm barely has any income, because his is derived just from his own sales and transactions involving his personal clients; and that Austin Carr is a ladies man and womanizer continues to attract them. And then add in voodoo spells. What I got is get is a roller coaster ride of a story in which the twists and fast turns it takes can make some readers dizzy.

In the mix for the storyline this book takes you have the boyfriend of a woman he’s involved, a gigantic ruby, a vast amount of money, and the risk of our main character going to jail.  While I’d been rooting for him as I read this book, all this made me wonder whether or not even had a slim chance of surviving. What happened to Austin in the end; whether or not he did survive, I’m not telling. You’ve got to read the book and take this ride yourself.

For the fun ride I’ve received in reading this book, I’m more than happy to give it 5 STARS ! ! !

I received an autographed copy of this book in a GoodReads giveaway for my honest review of this book.



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