Monday, December 29, 2014


This week I’m going to be quite brief in my weekly status report.

In addition to my late posting of Book Review #43, I read/reviewed an additional three books. This makes a total of 50 books [my target figure on Shelfari] that I’ve read this year. I’ve got to go back to edit/add information for the past several books I’ve read/reviewed. My reviewer ranking on Amazon is currently at 53,477. So any time you’ve really liked a review I did, I’d appreciate it if could go Amazon and say YES at the end of my review there.

Book Review #46 will be the last book review I’ll be writing this year. Next year I’m going to push the envelope by setting a goal of reading/reviewing 100 books; and I’ll be numbering my reviews to reflect the numbered book I’m reviewing and the year.

With my wonderful OH having finally retired on Friday; I don’t know yet how much of my schedule will be changing forever, but a realignment of what I do each day will be definite occur.

As far as my writing endeavors are concerned, I’ll be slowing down the rate of progress on all of them unless I begin to see an uptick in the sales of my books.

I want to take this time to wish everyone and your families a very HAPPY NEW YEAR as well as a prosperous and healthy one.

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