Wednesday, January 11, 2017


When a happy-go-lucky billionaire gets involved in a deadly crash in his outrageously expensive sports car while trying to avoid hitting a deer, he winds up meeting archangels Michael and Gabriel at the angels of heaven. But there’s a problem in making a decision as to where he should, will it be through the gates or will it be down below. While they knew he has written countless checks to assist those in need, he had NEVER GOT personally involving in helping anyone directly; it had always been seated at his office, and this caused him to lack any sort of true compassion towards a single individual.

This resulted in their giving him a chance to change his former ways, and all he has to do is to save an orphanage from foreclosure and for them to save the resources to pay the mortgage and place it on a sound situation going forwards. But the irony is, he has to do it as the orphanage’s new janitor, Jacob Porter, and the only thing he has available to really his wits and everything he knew before he died, as no one will recognize him from his previous billionaire existence.

The person he’s supposed to assist is the granddaughter of the home’s founder, Suzi Stephens, who’s at her wits end about their annual fundraising gala not raising enough funds to pay the balloon mortgage note and the home’s operating expenses. She’s in this fix because her father squandered the school’s funding on bad investments rather than keep everything where it had been previously.

While Suzi’s is suspicious of Jacob’s outward personae, she permits him to help in the fundraising activities. However in the month he has to complete his task and return to heaven and meet his fate, which happens to be on Christmas Eve, will he succeed. He never expected to finally fall in love with a woman enough to really care for her, but unfortunately he know his time left on Earth is swiftly coming to an end and that he won’t be around for his relationship with Suzi to become something lasting.

While his success in completing his task might be a foregone conclusion, what about Suzi and his relationship with her; will it end at midnight or will there be some sort of miraculous HEA for them to experience? I’m not saying, you’ll have to read this tender and possibly tear jerking endeavor by Ms. Clemmons to find out, and which is why I’ve given it 5 STARS.



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