Monday, January 9, 2017


I’ve read this marvelous anthology of Christmas themed mail order bride anthology written by four of Amazon’s bestselling authors via a KINDLE Unlimited download.

In reading mail order bride stories, like the ones contained in this mega collection, you have to remember that while they’re usually classified as sub-genres such as religious/ inspirational, Christian, western/frontier romances, that there’s quite a lot of history involved underlining the story lines. With history being my A+ subject in high school I know that the reason for the existence is not only that some women, especially in the East, wanted some adventure in their lives or who refused to marry for family instead of for love; and that those women in the South just want someone to marry since the Civil War had decimated the male population. I also know that on the male side of this there was the attraction of the Gold Rush, and male-centered jobs such as farming, ranching and logging who left their wives or wanted to wait until they had become successful enough to start a family, which lead to an extreme shortage of women and the creation of the mail order bride phenomenon.

This being said, I enjoyed reading each of the Christmas themed stories in this collection in which both the female and male protagonist’s lives got made better. It’s kind of sweet reading stories in which sex is not the main interest or driving force of the characters involved or that of the story itself. The stories do involve conflict, but only when it is essential to the story and character development. While a purist would say there are historical errors in some of these stories, I believe they should be disregarded and looked at as being needed in communicating something to anyone who reads the story which would to their visualization of what they’re reading.

For having given me and other readers of this collection of mail order bride stories, a sweet and wholesome reading experience of miracles involving  romance at Christmas; which be read at any time, keeping the spirit of the season alive,  I’m happy to give each of the four authors and each of the five stories they’ve contributed, 5 STARS

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