Tuesday, January 3, 2017


After having posted my five previous reviews of which three had been for anthologies containing a total of 31 hot steamy erotic stories with a hot alpha or shapeshifting male hunk I felt I needed something at the other extreme of the romance genre, I needed a sweet, inspiration romance with no obvious sexual scene when I found this one in one of my emails.

I enjoyed stepping into Jessica’s shoes being able to finally getting from the abusive relationship she’d been in with a cad by the name of Calvin, a relationship where he was forever bad-mouthing her entire family. But the trip back home to Bethany had a melancholy reason attached to it, her aunt [the author had unfortunately called Sylvia her great-aunt, a factual error which is hard to overlook had died.

But unbeknownst to Jessica until the hearing of her aunt’s will, she’s now in possession of Sylvia’s Sticky Buns bakery, an apartment next door, and a bank account contain half-a-million dollars. As a child Jessica spent countless hours with her aunt in the bakery and it had become a hobby which she hasn’t done anything with in years; and even though she still loves to bake, owning the bakery is something she hadn’t planned on doing when she came back to Bethany.

Another thing Jessica hadn’t planned finding a guy who she can once again have a special feeling for, Luke. Luke is one of the bakery’s employees, and he has a younger cousin, Bradley, who is currently mute due to a tragic accident; this cousin loves the bakery as does the town and they fear losing it if she decides to sell it.

Jessica feels the pressure this is imposing on her, and the fact that Luke enters the bakery in the town’s annual bake off without her knowledge and she winds up winning. What complicates matters is that she has received a wonderful offer from a large bakery chain for the bakery.

What is Jessica to do? Does she take the money and run? Does she stay around to keep her aunt’s bakery going as well as possibly finding a real true love with Luke which might end in a HEA?

Forgiving the factual error regarding Sylvia’s relationship to Jessica, I’m happy to give Ms. Kinsley 5 STARS for having given her readers a tender sweet romance which might even bring a tear to one’s eyes.


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