Sunday, April 19, 2015


I won an e-book copy of this through an internet giveaway on FaceBook, and the following is my honest opinion for this debut novel by Komali da Silva.

Sixteen. Sweet Sixteen, the age all girls look forwards to; the age when they take their first step towards womanhood; the age when boys taken on a different meaning.

Dawn Huntington is no exception one of best friends Nate is now her boyfriend, and everything is fine, fine that is until that fateful night when in connection with a crime she’s just witnessed.  She gets a head injury and winds up in a hospital. For some unexplained reason she starts seeing and hearing things as well as beginning things in a weird manner.  As you would imagine, all this will change Dawn personally in the future.

It is at this point the Nate’s total opposite, Angelo, walks into Dawn’s life, and the two get paired off in a glee club. From there the two fall in love despite Dawn’s finding out what he is. The thing is she doesn’t want to lose Nate’s friendship, and if this doesn’t seem to be enough a real bad girl, Bonita, walks to complicate.

All this makes for a page turning read, some might find hard to put down. I personally had a handful of minor issues with the book which shouldn’t impact on anyone enjoyment in reading this book, which is why I giving this book 4 STARS.


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