Thursday, March 26, 2015


I received a signed copy of this book in connection with a miscellaneous internet giveaway and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

Broody New Englander is a compendium of three stories; one is a novella and the other two short stories, all of which have come from the creative mind of its author, Kenneth Weene. Mr. Weene couldn’t have picked a better adjective for his book, or for the essence which describes all, if not most, of the characters in the book.

All of the author’s characters come from the memories he had living in New England and the psychological POV he uses throughout his endeavor here stem from his work practicing psychology in New York. While some authors merely attempt this POV, Mr. Weene attempt is, due  to his background, far more realistic in giving us the insights to the human psyche of each of his characters as they deal with a broad range of emotions going from the power of rage and hate down to the more sedate one of love, as well as dealing with the oft-time related topics of disloyalty and injustice.

The almost effortless style of Mr. Weene’s writing is quite inviting, as it causes the reader to know what is on the next page. And given this, I’m giving his book 5 STARS.


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